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10 Relationship Rules To Break In Your 20s!

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Growing up, the idea of being in a relationship with someone was enough to send a shiver down our spine. The first blush, secretly checking each other out, exchanging cute little notes… you know the drill. It was literally enough to give us an adrenaline rush.

Those who were dating became preachers to those who weren’t. And thus surfaced the ‘rules’.

From ‘girls don’t make the first move’ to ‘do not kiss till the third date’, the rule book was thrown in our faces. And we followed it blindly. It seemed like the right thing to do, no?

But, hey, we aren’t teens anymore! I’m talking to you Miss 20-something. It’s time you change the norms, and break the rules! Why? Because sometimes it’s what you’ve got to do for a happier life and healthier relationship.

So, if you think you’re ready to rewrite the rules of millennial dating, here goes…

1. Fights are normal behaviour.

Fights are a part of every relationship and if you think you are never going to argue with your partner, then LOL to you. What you’ve got to do is stop bickering about the small stuff. Keep the arguments for something that actually requires your energy.

Don’t lose your shit if he/she doesn’t pick up your call, is late to dinner or has different food choices. Taking a chill pill is the advice here.


2. It’s okay to make the first move.

Gone are the days when girls would wait for the guy to make the first move. If you like someone, go ahead and tell them.

Breezing is the new way to date and a big yay to whoever invented it!


3. Don’t fret about the gifts.

This one’s from experience. If I didn’t get gifts or cute gestures every now and then, I would legit get upset. Now, in a mature relationship it doesn’t really matter how big or small the gift is, or how expensive it is, what matters is the thought.

You must have heard it N number of times by now, but it really is the thought that counts. You’re luckier than a lot of people if you have a loving partner.

4. Playing hard to get is boring now.

Seriously. Drop it. You’ll lose the person if you keep playing hard to get, and you’ll probably end up crying over it too. Save yourself the torture and be the bigger human.


5. Bring honesty back.

If you’re in a relationship where you need to lie for everything, maybe you need to re-think stuff. Being honest at every step is the only way to commit to a healthy relationship. Sure, it might not go down well every time, in which case, read the first point again.


6. Messaging is not difficult.

You’re busy… and frankly, in today’s day and age, everyone is. You need to make time for the one you love. Sending a message doesn’t take time at all. However busy you are, if a message can make your partner smile, then it’s worth it, no?


7. Scheduling sex is not a bad thing.

We all want to be adventurous, impromptu, wild and live life on the edge. But with our tight schedules, that is not likely to happen. So it’s alright to decide a day and time to get intimate. It is called adulting.


8. You cannot fix someone.

In every relationship there comes a time when either of the two might be broken. Your partner might have issues, and it’s not always your job to fix them. You are human and you won’t have the answers to everything.

Give your partner some space, talk to a professional and don’t blame yourself for not being able to help. Sometimes you really can’t and that’s okay.



9. You don’t have to be your partner’s bestie.

It is always said that you need to be your boyfriend’s best friend. But I say, if you don’t want to be, then don’t. It may get awkward to get physical with your bestie.

Be the girlfriend and let others get a chance to be the bro. Sounds good? Thought so.



10. Give up the ultimatums.

Never ever, ever ask him to choose between you and his mum, friends, pets etc. They were in his life way before you came, so respect that. Of course, he has to reciprocate the love too.

If there is one thing that can come in the way of a great relationship, it’s lack of respect and trust. Once that’s gone, the relationship is done.


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