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Ranveer Singh Has Been Hugging Unsuspecting People And Spreading Love! We Find That Adorable!

July 30, 2019 | by Akanksha Narang

There are two types of people in the world – those who love hugs and those who hate them. There’s no in between. I fall in the former category and if you do too, you’ll agree that hugs are not a luxury, but your basic necessity. There’s no right or wrong time for hugs. Whether you feel happy, angry, sad or horny, you just want to become a panda and put your arms around your loved ones and be utterly chipku. The most used emoji on your WhatsApp is probably the hug emoji and your friends – whether they like it or not – have to bear the brunt of you being a big massive hugger. Apparently, anyone who comes in close proximity of Ranveer Singh, too will have to be prepared in case he decides to declare a hug emergency.

And we are not making this up. If you Google Ranveer Singh hugs, you will find a plethora of unsuspecting people this boy has showered his affection on. However, let me make it clear. I find it super adorable and if I ever happen to meet him, I’d ask for a hug. But I am presuming that he’d give me one anyway.

So when cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar dropped by on the sets of Ranveer Singh starrer ’83, he made sure his happiness is not hidden at all. Ranveer Singh squeezed Sunil Gavaskar like a little kid would when he gets his hand on his favourite teddy. However, we aren’t very sure whether Gavaskar was as thrilled about it as Ranveer. The actor was invading his personal space, after all. But then again, we are Indians and we don’t understand the concept of personal space, so it must not have been a first-time invasion for him.

Now that the actor is essaying the role of Kapil Dev, I am assuming that his love for cricket has doubled up. After India beat Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2019, Ranveer Singh gave a big bear hug to Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. And not just that, when he found a Pakistani guy crying over the defeat, he went and hugged him too. Ranveer Singh’s hugs are pretty much like the monsoons. You don’t know when and how it will pour, but you can expect it to rain unannounced and be prepared. Except that you can have a rain forecast but there’s no foreseeing Ranveer Singh’s embraces.

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You meet your partner’s ex’s ex and you think it would be an awkward encounter. But no, Ranveer Singh will go hug your ex and his ex and make world a happier place again. He did this at Filmfare awards when he gave tight one to Katrina Kaif! He even hugged Ranbir Kapoor and probably left him in shock after that. Which makes me think Deepika Padukone is so lucky to have this hug machine at her disposal for life. *dropping major hints at bae*

On the work front, the Ranveer Singh will be next seen in ‘83 alongside wife Deepika Padukone, in which he essays the role of Kapil Dev. He also has Karan Johar’s Takht in the pipeline.



Akanksha Narang

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