Quirky 2016 Calendars You Need To Buy Right Now

Quirky 2016 Calendars You Need To Buy Right Now

With technology taking over everything in our lives, I don’t recall seeing a printed calendar in people’s homes anymore. Before printed calendars get all but extinct, it’s time to bring back the habit of calendars in your home or office. Why? Because no matter what you say, having calendars on your smartphone or on your desktop just aren’t the same as physical ones that you can mark important dates on with colourful pens.

Like I’ve previously mentioned, as much as I love how convenient technology makes our lives, in certain cases it takes the charm away from the little things that make us happy. Yes, calendars make a lot of us happy, especially if you’re a stationery fan! To make it simpler for you, I’ve curated a bunch of super cute 2016 calendars that you will want to buy right this moment.

P.S. There are cats, colours and DIY calendars — all below!



Alicia Souza ‘Let It Go’ 2016 Calendar (Rs 499)

The sad part about adult life is that we’ve stopped colouring in our Jumbo colouring books. Alicia Souza’s calendar is a quirky colouring book for adults where you can colour in the gorgeous sketches she’s made for each month. I can see myself spending hours doing this!



Hide and Seek 2016 Calendar (Rs 715)

This calendar lets you fly into the future while still being in the present. If you’re a day dreamer or know someone who dreams of travelling all day long, this one is for you!

Indi Pop 2016 Calendar (Rs 450)

This Indi Pop calendar from Letternote spells quirky in just the right way. Available in four different designs, it’s the perfect calendar for you to display on your desk.



Shop Mantra Game Of Thrones 2016 Calendar (Rs 455)

This Game Of Thrones calendar is the best thing that can happen to a GOT fan. Shop Mantra’s got ‘Winter is coming’, ‘House Lannister’ and more for each month.



Sky Goodies DIY 2016 Calendar (Rs 419)

If you like going the DIY way, this Sky Goodies calendar is the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Combine a DIY Project with a calendar and get two tasks done in one.



Vincent Van Gogh 2016 Calendar (Rs 1,218)

Love Vincent Van Gogh’s work? You can now display it on your wall without spending a fortune. This calendar has different paintings by him for each month, all of which are breathtakingly beautiful.



Yasmine Surovec Cat Vs Human 2016 Calendar (Rs 2,037)

Whether you’re a cat person or not, this Cat vs Human calendar is so cute that you’ll definitely feel like displaying it on your wall. And if you have a cat-loving friend, this makes for the cutest present ever.

Wap Oh 2016 Calendar (Rs 803 approx)

Leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely hard for some of us, I do understand your plight! This calendar by Wap Oh helps you keep a check on your lifestyle and daily activity. The best part is it displays your lifestyle for the entire month at one stretch.

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