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Priyanka Chopra Asked Doctors From WHO All The Questions About Coronavirus We Wanted Answers To

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We are in the middle of a pandemic; we are dealing with a disease we aren’t well-acquainted with. It’s like going to a stranger’s house; you can’t tell for sure if you’ll come out of it alive. There is a lack of information and uncertainty that’s making people anxious. But while we mortals don’t have direct access to World Health Organisation’s doctors, Priyanka Chopra does. She took to Instagram to ask Dr Tedros and epidemiologist Maria Van Kerkhove questions on the new coronavirus, so we get to hear the absolute truth from the horse’s mouth.

Priyanka Chopra had asked her followers to send in some questions and she picked a few queries. Here’s what we learnt about the new coronavirus from this Instagram interview.

What precautions should people with compromised immunity take?

Nick Jonas joined in briefly and asked the very first question. He asked, “I am type 1 diabetic and she (Priyanka) is asthmatic. We had fears about being exposed and what the effects would be for us. For anyone who is immune-compromised, what extra precautions should they take?” The doctors agreed that yes people with a compromised immunity and those of an advanced age are more susceptible to the disease. But they reminded others to not take it lightly because they are not invincible and to avoid becoming carriers. They asked everyone to take the necessary precautions – wash your hands, sneeze/cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face, practise social distancing and keep a tab on your health.

Is coronavirus airborne?

The doctors revealed that it is not an airborne disease but it can spread through the droplets or aerosols we release when we cough or sneeze. To infect us, those droplets need to enter our bodies through eyes, nose or mouth.

How does coronavirus spread?

The doctors pointed out that it can also spread through contact. For example, if an infected person sneezes into his hand and touches another surface, the virus will be on that surface as well. If a person touches the same surface and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth, they can get infected. Which is why, they said, one must stay indoors and wash/sanitise their hands.

What are the symptoms?

Dry cough, fever, runny nose in some cases, difficulty in breathing, etc are the most common symptoms of COVID-19. Some people may also experience headache and muscle pain.

Can you have COVID-19 even if you don’t have a fever?

Van Kerkhove revealed that it is possible but according to the data they have obtained from the analysis of patients in China, it seems like it is rare. She said 90% patients in China had fever as a symptom.

How do you distinguish between a common flu and COVID-19?

Unfortunately, Kerkhove said that since the symptoms are pretty much the same, the only way to know for sure is to get tested. Dr Tedros advised people who are experiencing cold/cough to remain indoors just to be sure and avoid becoming carriers.

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Once you recover from it, can you get it again?

Health experts Van Kerkhove and Dr Tedros revealed that they get this question a lot and people are curious if getting it once can make them immune to the disease. But they clarified that since this is a new disease, the data on this isn’t enough to be certain about things. They said it’s possible that you can develop some sort of immunity to it but we don’t know for sure and for how long.

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and right now we’re all searching for clarity. My friends at @WHO and @glblctzn graciously brought the doctors working on the front lines here to give us answers straight from the experts. Please take some time to watch my IG Live with Dr. Tedros (General-Director at W.H.O.) and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (Technical Lead for Covid-19) from @WHO, who answered some questions that so many of you sent in. Guys, let’s make it our duty to donate to @WHO and stand in solidarity to help flatten the curve (link is up in my bio 👆🏽) and please tag your friends and family below who are looking for answers and action steps 🙏 Thank you so much Dr. Tedros and Dr. Maria for taking the time, and thank you @glblctzn for everything you do. Everyone please be responsible, stay home and stay safe ❤️ #Covid19 #Coronavirus #WorldHealthOrganization

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