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Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Has Urged People To Not Overburden Women During This Lockdown. It’s A Great Message But Why Do They Need To Be Told?

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When you spend so much time at home, you actually begin to see the dynamics and fundamental roots of how your household works. Even though we have lived at home all our lives, no one really pays attention to the smaller things. Like how automatically the obligation of cooking and doing other household chores fall on the women.

Under normal circumstances, I know that gender norms dictate that women are responsible for all the household chores while the men are the breadwinners (this is also crazy stereotypical, but it is what our society unfortunately follows). But these are not normal circumstances that we are living under right now so why are the women running around trying to ensure the house functions smoothly while the men are chilling at home like they are on some staycation?

Let me give you an example of my own house. When this lockdown was implemented, we obviously had to let all our domestic help go, at least for the time being. My mother took on the responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, washing the vessels and doing the laundry. She actually had to ask my father to help her out, which I found utterly ridiculous because he shouldn’t have just expected to nap, watch TV and be served the whole time. Nevertheless, he has now taken up the laundry responsibilities which is good. I just wish men would come up front and help out with household chores without assuming the women will do everything because I don’t think they understand what a burden it is to do every single thing around the house.

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However, it looks like some men do understand our main concern during times like these. I am talking about the Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik who has appealed to the people asking them to not overburden women during this 21-day lockdown.

Conveying his message to the people, Odisha’s COVID 19 spokesperson Subroto Bagchi said that this lockdown does not mean that men should ask women to make cook three or four times a day while they treat this period as a vacation.

He said “People should limit the number of their food. It is already summer, and they should not be confined to the kitchen all the time. It is not a time to overburden the mothers, wives, sisters and sisters-in-law.”

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He further has encouraged people to be patient and equally share the household chores.

I love that the Odisha government has come forward with this message. It is important to share since most Indian men won’t help out at all voluntarily. What I do not like about this situation is the fact that this proves that men need to be told to help out.

Why is it so difficult for them to understand that this is a necessity in times like these?

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