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Netflix And Amazon Prime May Go Under Censorship After A PIL Has Been Filed Calling Its Content Obscene. Oh FFS

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There used to be a time, when my parents and I used to count days down to a Wednesday, to be able to book the best tickets in the house for the upcoming movie on a Friday. The craze that at one point in time consumed us, started wearing off soon after channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime and the likes of them started surfacing up and presenting us with comfort and content that was much more relatable, unfiltered and intense. Enter the famous Netflix and chill culture, which has had a good run up till now, but might soon be coming to an end, especially after news about content on Netflix being subject to censorship is making rounds.

All of this started with a PIL that was filed by an NGO named Maatr Foundation that put forward word of the content going live on such platforms as being obscene and sexually explicit. Acting on the matter, the Indore Bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court has started issuing notices to Balaji Telefilms, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Ullu, Viacom 18, and others to regulate the unchecked and uncensored content that has been going up till now. And honestly, it’s coming across as the worst news going in to the weekend.

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Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji and more are the select few platforms where we get the chance to experience content in all its truest and most raw form, without it losing its essence in being censored or altered as per the board. In fact, it is these very shows and movies coming out on OTT platforms that have been making rounds across global platforms and being nominated for Emmys and Oscars. Be it an intense thriller like Sacred Games or a movie like Lust Stories that uncovers the actual relationships of a woman, such online streaming platforms are to be credited for content that breaks the suffocating shackles of society’s minds and it would be a shame to see that being put to an end.

One of the petitioners for the PIL said in a statement, “These content streamers are not only objectifying women but also showing them in bad light and are filling the minds with lascivious thoughts which is violative of their fundamental right to live with dignity,” and while we are all up for standing against objectification of women (you should know if you’ve been following our website), we are in complete opposing view of the statement. On the contrary, in comparison to Bollywood, the films and shows that air on such streaming portals are much more identifiable and much more relatable.

Of course, it cannot be denied that the content that gets streamed is explicit, but if everywhere we go the content is diluted, we would never have the chance to see it, to even start a dialogue about it. Movies and cinema are one of the most influential platforms right now, and it is important to use it to open important dialogues, make people aware of reality and also talk about what really is going on in the world. From political standpoints to the LGBTQ voice, everything has a chance to get across to people. Which is exactly why, we aren’t just sad that our favourite binging sites are being monitored, but also highly disappointed in the decision.

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