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Neha Dhupia Explains Her Stance Against Physical Violence, Taapsee Seconds Her. Rangoli Chandel Terms This Fake Feminism

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Living in the digital age comes with as many cons as it does with pros.  One of the biggest one being falling victim to the call out culture netizens have going. A concept of publicly calling out people for their flaws, right and wrongs, words, actions, basically everything, and while that’s a great thing, it is often misused to just troll and harass people. Something that happens on the daily with celebrities, the recent one coming under the radar being Neha Dhupia, after her rather controversial statement she made on cheating and physical abuse in a relationship.

For the uninitiated ones, the entire incident that happened on Roadies soon turned into brutal trolling and harassing of Neha Dhupia and her family. It all started with Neha’s comment on a guy’s narration of his relationship with a girl, who was cheating on him with 5 other men. As the story progressed, the contestant who had come to audition for the show Roadies Revolution, shared how upon finding about the infidelity, he not only confronted the woman but also slapped her, at which point Neha Dhupia lost her calm and slammed the guy with statements like, “If she was 5 other guys, that was her choice”, and “You have no right to slap a woman whatsoever”.

And even though her open ended comment about infidelity being a choice didn’t sit right with millions of netizens who used it as the batter for their meme-making, others resorted to a much passive aggressive approach of showing dissent – through abuses and threats. She clarified that her stance wasn’t against physical violence. Slapping a woman, or anyone for that matter, should never be advocated and that is perhaps what triggered Neha to say what she did. Not denying that she could’ve said it better, we still didn’t see how certain people who claimed righteousness here were the same ones sending disrespectful and threatening messages to the actress. A sentiment that was also shared by Thappad actress Taapsee Pannu.

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As Taapsee took to twitter to jump to the defense of Neha Dhupia, supporting her statement about the entire fiasco, so did the infamous Rangoli Chandel. Because where there is controversy, there is Rangoli. Taapsee, who had tweeted, “For all the ppl writing abusive and harassing messages to you and your family should know, they aren’t on the right side of the moral compass they r acting to be the torch bearers of. Adultery is wrong morally n so is violence. One can’t be the response to the other,” was soon met by a baffling reply by Rangoli Chandel, which once again, made little to no sense.

Lashing out on both, Taapsee Pannu and Neha Dhupia, Rangoli wrote, “Haha don’t know when these befitting reply fresher feminists will know some mumbo jumbo rumbled in finely polished English words dnt make ur reply befitting, if u cnt make up your mind buttering both sides of the toast and playing safe seems wannabe femininsts favourite resort.” And obviously that wasn’t all.

Keeping up her tradition of passing several unrelated and unsolicited comments, Rangoli further wrote, “If Neha thinks in a committed relationship dating 5 other men without their knowledge or consent about other participants is perfectly fine and it’s perfectly fine for a woman physically abuse a man then clearly being KJo best friend has its own side effects.”

Concluding, and thank god for that, Rangoli finally wrote, “On behalf of idiotic dumb wannabe feminists I want to apologise to Feminism, their conveniently distorted views and actions have damaged the movement, feminisms is hated in India and because of that #MeToo died a premature death…” as did grammar..

Because the thing is, even if we acknowledge how misleading and gender biased Neha’s comments on infidelity were, we can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that it yet doesn’t justify a slap and it never will. Both Taapsee and Neha were hell bent on condemning any act of physical violence in a relationship and for that we support them.

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