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Neena Gupta Shares She’d Rather Have Her Daughter Have A Live-in Than Marriage. Dear Parents, Are You Listening?

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The way a mother-daughter relationship works is that apart from the constant nagging and ‘I told you so’s that are doled out by my mom, we both also share a woman to woman connection, that often transforms our relation from parent and child, to just two women talking about life. From talking to me about growing up, to always making sure she at least tries to tell me about the lessons she learned along the way, I have to admit that I credit my mother for most of my wisdom and insight into the world, especially when it comes to men. And this of course goes both ways. She tell me how things were, I tell her how things are. And seems like, we might not be the only ones doing it, for the celebrity mother-daughter duo, Neena and Masaba Gupta, too share this kind of chemistry with each other.

The court just granted Masaba Gupta’s divorce with former husband Madhu Mantena, and we are pretty sure it would be devastating for a family, no one walks out of a broken relationship unscathed. Neena Gupta opened up about her views on the news as she shared how the news about her daughter getting divorced left her “devastated”.

In an up close and personal interview with Pinkvilla, Neena Gupta when asked whether she was the one who helped and supported her daughter, she said, “On the contrary, she helped me. I was devastated, and I used to talk to her and she helped me go through it. These youngsters are very smart, this younger generation is very smart.” And while we don’t know about being smart or not, we at least know our generation is all accepting of the fact that sometimes, things don’t work out and that is okay.

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The celebrated fashion designer, Masaba Gupta had announced her separation with Madhu back in 2018, and filed for a divorce in 2019. It was only recently that the couple was granted a divorce, and unlike many women in the society, or actually many mothers in the society, we were glad to see that Neena Gupta came from a place of acceptance and understanding.

Neena in fact, went ahead to share how after everything that she has seen in life, and seen in her daughter’s life, she is open to the idea of suggesting women to go for a live-in rather than a marriage, and it was like she was preaching to a choir. She said, “Itna paisa kharch karo shaadi mei, itni mehnat karo, itna taam jhaam karo aur uske baad aap divorce karlo, arre yaar, toh live-in karlo. I think I have changed my mind during the last 3-4 years.”

She continued saying, “Not just her separating, but seeing things around me and not just hers. I feel times are changing, especially in the big towns.” And she was right in pointing it out. Neena Gupta’s liberal views on marriage and live-in relationships is an attempt at changing rigid societal structures and we are glad.. Guess we all can learn from the unabashed superstar of Bollywood, of what it means to come halfway and roll with what life is giving you in a sunny positive attitude!

Dear parents, are you listening?

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