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Muslim Model Dropped For Wearing A Hijab

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In 2015, Mariah Idrissi took the modelling world by storm by being the first ‘Hijabi model’ to feature in a fashion label’s campaign. Since then, this British model has appeared on Elle, Marie Claire and Teen Vogue. Wow, so progessive, you think. We are officially done now with our bias against colour and religion, let’s raise a toast, you say. I am going to stop you in your tracks right there, right now. 

Mariah, now a face for diversity and inclusion, was recently dropped by a beauty brand from their campaign for wearing a hijab. Just like that. Apparently, one of the outlets of the brand believed that she would ‘limit the audience because she’s a Muslim’. Mariah says she was shocked that her hijab limited her reach. She talks about how she buys from brands that have white models in their campaigns, and how that has never stopped her from making a purchase. 

In a sensitive time like this when the world needs more people who are non-judgemental, this is a giant leap backwards. We are shaking our heads. 

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