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Mouni Roy Has Been Stranded In The UAE For Two Months With Very Few Clothes. Bit Of Privileged Problem, Isn’t It?

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There is only one question on everyone’s minds- when is this getting over? (actually, why did it start is also trending on people’s minds).  Just like every single person spread out over 110 countries, I too can’t wait for the day I don’t scream internally every time someone coughs. It’s high time coronavirus just crawls back into the hole it came from so humanity can breathe again, literally. All I want right now is for this lockdown to be over so I can go back to cancelling plans and watching 12 hours of Netflix voluntarily and not because I have to.

Jokes apart, this lockdown has taught me to appreciate my family because I now understand that without their love and support this period would’ve been impossible to get through. A lot of people, living away from their families are suffering. I mean, look at the plight of those labourers who are walking thousands of kilometres just to get to their families.

On the other hand, there is Mouni Roy who has been “stranded” in Abu Dhabi for two months now because of the travel restrictions that were imposed while she there. In March, she travelled to the UAE for a magazine shoot and her 4-day trip got extended which meant there was just no way she could return to India. She has been staying in the UAE with a childhood friend.

Regarding this, Mouni told a publication, “After the shoot, I decided to stay back in Abu Dhabi for two weeks, as my next project was scheduled to kick off only on April 15. I was possibly ignorant, but I didn’t imagine that the world will shut down. I have been stuck here with four days’ clothes.”

Yes, we get it. It’s kind of tough. Not being able to come back home. But please, sounding like you don’t have enough clothes seems a little privileged. I don’t know if staying with a friend is called being stranded. The migrant workers with no food and no roof over their head? Yeah, they are stranded.

Also, she makes it seem like her biggest problem is that she has been stuck there with clothes only for four days and that my friends, is a privilege that is peaking out during a global health crisis.

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Although, I completely understand how worrying and horrible it must be to be away from your family in times like these. I can’t imagine not being able to return home in a time like this. Mouni also spoke about being extremely concerned about her family who are in Cooch Behar in West Bengal at the moment. She said, “I have been checking on them every day. I am relieved that my brother is my mom’s side at this time. My cousins also live close by, that’s an added advantage.”

She further added, “I have been oscillating between anxiety and calmness. Everybody around the world is going through a hard time. So, I sought solace in the fact that I have a roof over my head and a warm family, away from home. That said, I am eager to return to India.”

Being away from home in a foreign country during a pandemic must be very tough. But at least she has a roof over her head and food on her plate, she should be grateful for it. There are thousands of people who don’t have either of those things and that is why claiming to be stranded in the UAE is a bit much.

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