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Milind Soman Shared A Video Of Him Taking Skipping Lessons From His 81-Year-Old Mother. Clearly, Age Is Just A Number For His Mum

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There is not much we can do during this lockdown. People are baking and cooking while some are just enjoying the fact that they don’t have to attend the Monday morning staff meeting. But that doesn’t mean that life has come to a standstill. Unfortunately, this lockdown is proof enough that time and tide really don’t wait for anyone, even if we are right in the middle of a pandemic.

What I am trying to say is that this is the time to do things that we have never done before but always wanted to do. Even if it’s something as small as wanting to learn pencil sketching, find an online class and get to it. I am not saying that it’s compulsory to be productive during this excessive free time that we have been granted (we aren’t in school). But, won’t it be nice to master a new skill while we actually have time on our hands for once?

Just take a look at everyone’s heartthrob (the unbelievable gorgeous) Milind Soman who is taking skipping rope lessons from his 81-year-old mother. It seems like the model, who obviously prioritises fitness and regular workouts, never learned how to skip. Ah, would you look at that, I have something in common with Milind Soman.

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Milind has been spending this lockdown with his wife Ankita Konwar and his mother, Usha Soman. The latest video he posted features him and his mother skipping a rope on their terrace. He captioned the video, “Skipping with Usha Soman! Not a new activity for her but new for me when you are at home 24×7, each one, teach one another! You are old only when you think you are… #LockdownMantra.”

If you watch the video, you will see that even though his mother is dressed in a saree she is giving Milind tough competition. It’s really hard to believe that she is 81-years old, maybe age really is just a number. The video is really sweet and at least now we know where the 54-year-old actor gets his penchant for fitness and marathons from.

I know this lockdown can be tough on sometimes but maybe watching a video of Milind Soman skipping with cheer you up? If not, it will at least give you the motivation to go and workout on your terrace.

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