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Catch These Mangolicious Delicacies Before Aam Season Runs Out!

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The king of fruits gets treated like royalty in our country. Bright smiles light up every face at the sight of a ripe mango. What’s more, mangoes even come to Indian households in regal fashion. Inside a big wooden crate, they lie nestled between soft hay, glinting like topaz stones. They are then gently lifted out and relished meal after meal.

Since this succulent fruit comes in season only once a year, restaurants all over the country tend to pull out all stops to serve up as many mango dishes as possible. Hidden in salads, mixed with a bowl of rice, drizzled over waffles — they are served in a hundred different ways, each one as delicious as the next.

So if you’ve been enjoying the fruit this summer via a cup of chilled aam ras, or a bowl of thinly sliced mangoes, you need to pull up your socks, and fast! Before summer draws to a close, you absolutely NEED to head over to these restaurants and try out their mango specials. But fret not, for we have done our homework. Here’s a list of the top mango dishes you have to try out before the rains arrive.


Mango Sangria Good Wife_Hauterfly

1. Chilled Mango Sangria @ The Good Wife, BKC

Something to beat the heat that tastes like mangoes? Bring it on! The Good Wife at BKC holds for us a nice little respite from the sweltering heat, in the form of a nice chilled glass of Mango Sangria.



2. Mango Mousse Cake & Mango Parfait @Starbucks

Trust Starbucks to make us happy. Our favourite coffee house is serving up some yummilicious mango treats. We think you had better trot over and snap these up since they go off the racks by the end of this month.



3. Mango Blossom @ Bachelorr’s, Chowpatty

After giving us the infamous Chili ice-cream and the Thick Chocolate Shake, Bachelorr’s has come up with a new concoction this season — the Mango Blossom. Thick, creamy and icy, it is the best way to finish your meal.


Theobroma Mango Tart_Hauterfly

4. Mango Tart @ Theobroma, Colaba

This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is creamy and fresh. It is also light and may we add, very, very tempting!


DiBella Mangoes_Hauterfly

5. Mango Waffles @ Di Bella Coffee

Di Bella’s waffles have always been something close to heaven. But when you visit the next time, take a pass on your regular order of chocolate-drizzled waffles and opt for this plate instead. You won’t regret it.


Mango Panna Cotta Fatty Bao_Hauterfly

6. Mango Panna Cotta @ The Fatty Bao, Bandra

This fancy summer special looks both sinful and drop-dead gorgeous! We can’t wait to try it out.


Rajdhani Mango Thali_Hauterfly

7. The Mango Thali @ Rajdhani

For every person who is a dyed in wool desi khana fan, Rajdhani presents the aamlicious thali. Head over before June 15 and treat yourself to dishes like Kairi Samosa, Mango Jalebi and even Aamrakhand. We are practically drooling!


Mango Ale_Inpost_Hauterfly

8. Mango Infused Ale @ The White Owl

Talk about a crazy concoction! Mangoes have even sneaked their way into the world of hard drinks. If you haven’t already, go and try this drink, popularly known as ‘Alfie’. This mango-infused ale will have your tastebuds snapping back to life.



9. Mango Ricotta @ Ellipsis

Delicately spread with fresh mango jam, this ricotta plates beautifully. But we bet it tastes even better. The glossy jam spread over the toasty ricotta looks like sheer perfection! We just whet your appetite, didn’t we?



10. Mango Raspberry Macaroons @ Love and Cheesecake

Macaroons now come in a brand new colour — that of fresh mangoes! Love and Cheesecake has come up with a brilliant concept. These macaroons look like they’re just begging to be eaten!


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