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Maanvi Gagroo Opened Up About How She Took Strict Action Against A Person Who Asked Her To Compromise For A Role

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Hundreds of people in India share a dream. They all want to break into Bollywood and become a huge movie star. See their face on magazine covers and gigantic billboards, hear people screaming their name as they walk down the red carpet, have the paps follow them around and of course, earn truckloads of money. But it’s not so easy, is it? There are numerous hurdles to overcome. And like everything else in this world, it’s harder for women. From being constantly undermined to having directors/co-stars/producers asking you for sexual favours in exchange for the job, it’s a cutthroat world. However, that doesn’t justify sleazy behaviour. Numerous actresses have come forth to talk about the time they were subjected to horrors of the casting couch. And joining that list is Maanvi Gagroo as she talks about her experience being asked to “compromise” for a role.. 

Maanvi Gagroo is one of my favourite actresses. Not because I have been watching her since I was in school (anyone remember Dhoom Machao Dhoom?) but because her spirit and story are inspiring. From body-shaming to the casting couch, she has fought through and made her own niche place in the industry. 

In a recent interview with TOI, Maanvi Gagroo opened up about the time she was asked to “compromise” for a role. A person belonging to a certain OTT platform offered her a role if she was willing to well, compromise. She was absolutely not fazed by this. She said that she immediately informed the platform in question and told them about this offender holding their offer as bait. Maanvi demanded strict action be taken against him. That’s how it’s done. 


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In the same interview, the Four More Shots Please! actress also talked about how giving auditions was no cakewalk. She was constantly rejected because she was neither too skinny nor too plus-size. Eventually, she decided to go on a diet but now she only follows it to maintain her body weight and feel good. She said she doesn’t care what others think of her body anymore. 

Maanvi Gagroo said, “I was never given a reason if and when I was not chosen. But then, at times, I used to hear that I am neither fat nor thin and the makers cannot decide where would I fit. But am I not just like most Indian women who are neither too skinny nor too big? If someone has a problem with my weight, it’s okay, let them.” 

As I said, her spirit is contagious! 

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