Localites Fed Up With A Monkey Attacking Single Women In Karnataka. How Does It Know That These Women Are Single!

If you a woman is in her early 30s and still single, you will have heard your relatives’ and neighbours’ taunts more than your own parents. The verbal attacks, sly jibes and the constant unsolicited matchmaking never seems to stop. Plus, their noses are constantly in your business and they are very keen on knowing whom you went out with or who was that male colleague who dropped you home. Well, as if this was not enough for single women to endure all of this on a daily basis, even monkeys have decided that they will not allow let these women to live in peace. What does a monkey have to do with this is that in Karnataka, a certain monkey has been attacking single women in the city! Yes, you read that right!

Monkey Attacks Single Women In Karnataka

According to a report by The Times Of India, in what is a surprising and somewhat hilarious incident, residents and local authorities are unable to catch hold of a monkey who has apparently attacked more than 10 single women in the city.  This has been going on for a week in the Babruwada village near Ankola. It is also reported that the villagers have to have a stick in their hand every time they have to walk the streets to be ready in case the monkey attacks.

The monkey has been biting and scratching people and the localities have noticed the victims of these attacks are mostly single women. In the fear of this monkey’s attacks, people are also not leaving their children outside their homes and are also fearing to go to work. The efforts to catch this perpetrator are still on!

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What I fail to understand here is how is this monkey able to identify a single woman? And maybe he is feeling too lonely to bond with the female monkeys which is why it has literally decided to hit on single women!

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