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Khushbu Sundar Calls Out PM Modi For Neglecting The South Indian Film Fraternity And We Totally Stand By Her

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Fear of missing out, or popularly known as FOMO is a real issue everyone experiences, whether they accept it or not. You know the feeling when all your friends are invited to a party and you aren’t or the feeling when everyone is heading for a family vacation, but you have exams? Yep, that is FOMO and it isn’t pretty. Similarly, when all of Bollywood went to meet PM Modi and no one from the South Indian industry was invited. I could see why they would be a tad bit ticked off. It is like fighting for adequate representation away from sunshine-stealing siblings (Bollywood).  So, when famed south Indian actress Khushbu Sundar voiced out her disappointment we totally understood.

Bollywood A-listers like Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Ekta Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan and Sonam Kapoor amongst others, spent their Saturday evening at an event called ‘Change Within Meet’ hosted by PM Modi in Delhi. It was an interactive event to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday. PM Modi disused his ideas and addressed the film fraternity as a beholder of immense power. One could claim that the best of the best from our entertainment industry were present. Do you know who wasn’t? Anyone from the South Indian film industry. Which frankly, is really not cool since some of our biggest celebrity’s hail from there. And that is why we don’t blame them for expressing their disappointment on social media.

It started when, Telugu star Ram Charan’s wife, Upasna took to Instagram to call out PM Modi on this. Her post read, “Dearest Modi ji. We in the South of INDIA admire you & are Proud to have you as our Prime Minister. With all due respect, we felt that the representation of Leading personalities & cultural icons was limited only to Hindi Artists and The South Film Industry was neglected. I express my feelings with pain & hope it’s taken in the right spirit. Jai Hind.” She is right, by not inviting anyone from the South Indian film industry, it was neglected.

Following Upasna, politician and actress Khushbu Sundar also took to social media to express her disappointment in a series of tweets. In her first tweet, she wrote, “With all due respects to all those who met our H’ble PM Modi ji last eve on behalf of Indian cinema, I would like to remind PMOIndia that Hindi films alone do not represent or contribute to the economy of this country. South Indian cinema is the largest contributor. cont.” Even PM Modi has to agree, she makes a valid point. As popular as Hindi cinema is, it is not the only contributor to the economy of this country. Nor does it represent India wholly, which too needs to change but that is a completely different story.

She continued in a second tweet, which read, “South Indian cinema represents our country globally. The best talent comes from south India. The biggest superstars come from south India. India’s best actors belong to south India. The best technicians are South Indian. So why was the South industry not invited? Why this inequality?”

It did not end there, in a third tweet asking PM Modi to look into the matter she wrote “Would really appreciate if my pioneers and peers who have made South Indian cinema a pride of the country, are invited and shown the same respect as I feel they rightly deserve it. Expecting PMOIndia to look into it.” Check out the tweets:

Someone needed to address this issue and Khushbu did that in the best way possible. Some of our best movies are remakes of south Indian movies, some of our greatest actors began their careers down south. So why are they being left out of such important events?

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