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Katrina Kaif Shared A Professional Tutorial On How To Wash Dishes And We All Really Need It

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We live in the times of coronavirus, where staying at home has become a way of life for all of us. Been a few days since we’ve been adjusting ourselves to the new normal, where home is our only sanctuary, interaction is only digital and fridge and the Netflix are the only reasons you survive, we will admit that adapting ourselves to this lockdown situation hasn’t been easy. Days feel like an extended weekend and while on the daily we’d be happy over a long weekend, this one has started to get on our nerves. And the best way to not let it to, is by making most of what we have, even if it means taking up household chores.

Walking us through some of the basic errands we can run while being home and cut off from house help, is Bharat actress Katrina Kaif who was recently seen giving a tutorial to rookies on how best to wash utensils after meals. With hair tied back up in a neat pony, a sink full of dishes in front of her, Katrina picked up a bowl to cleanse, she mentioned we should all take up these roles in the absence of your house help and even make that fun.

And considering that this is the situation everywhere,  this video came quite in handy. In the video, Katrina starts by saying, “Since the house helps are also practicing self-isolation, Izzy (sister Isabelle Kaif) and I have decided to take turns to do the washing up. I thought I would do a little professional tutorial.”

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Soon after that, Katrina can be seen bestowing some words of wisdom and a tried and tested method of washing those dishes, as she continues saying, “First, I was deciding…should I lather each bowl, rinse it and put it in the rack? Then I decided that there was a better way to do it. Put all the dishes inside the sink, then turn off the water so that you don’t waste it, lather all of them and put them back here. Then, rinse them all,”

Doing everything she can to pass her time during this Quarantine, Katrina has been actively sharing on Instagram, glimpses of how she’s been passing along her time. Be it by FaceTiming actors Arjun Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, from the ‘I hate Katrina Club’, or by picking up a guitar to play, seems like Kat is getting around the idea of staying in and passing along those professional tips!

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