Kanpur Cop Refused To File 16-Year-Old Girl’s Molestation Complaint Unless She Danced For Him. This Is Sickening

Kanpur Cop Refused To File 16-Year-Old Girl’s Molestation Complaint Unless She Danced For Him. This Is Sickening

If you are a woman living in this country, you know that it’s not a smooth ride. We always have to be on guard and a hundred percent alert, no matter where we are. In the last few months, crimes against women have tremendously increased. From rapes to domestic abuse, these crimes have become the shadow pandemic. And to no one’s surprise, it’s been going on way longer than the coronavirus. 

The thing is, every second day we come across an incident where a woman has been misbehaved with. Some incidents are of course way worse than the rest. Let me ask you a question though. If you were ever subjected to some kind of sexual assault, what would be the first thing you would do? If it were me, I would call the police right away. But not everyone believes that to be the right path of action. There are numerous reports that show that a large chunk of rape and molestation cases that happen in the country, go unreported. 

Although, after reading about how cops treat women and girls who approach them to file a complaint against their abuser, I too would reconsider my decision of reporting the crime. From asking way too much explicit detail over and over again to allegedly taking bribes and siding with the abuser, Indian police are not exactly known for their sensitivity towards women. But the incident that I wanted to talk to you about today will really make you question why we put our faith in the police, to begin with. 

Recently, a video went viral of a girl from Kanpur claiming that an inspector refused to lodge her FIR until she danced for him. Now you know, why I am so disgusted? 

In the video, the 16-year-old girl alleged that Inspector Anurag Mishra from Govind Nagar police station summoned her to the station at an odd hour and asked her to dance in front of him. The worst part? The young girl was trying to file a complaint against a man who had molested her. 

The girl’s family, who earns their living by doing jagran parties and resides in Dabauli West area of Govind Nagar, tried to lodge a complaint against Anup Yadav, their landlady’s nephew. The family claims that the nephew molested the girl and is also trying to forcibly evacuate them from the rented portion of their house.  

The family also alleges that Anup barged into their house on 26 July and attacked them.

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The 16-year-old’s mother said, “Again, on August 7 night, my daughter was molested by him while she was on her way back home from the market. It was when she approached Inspector Anurag Mishra of Govind Nagar, he asked my daughter to first dance in front of him and then he will register her complaint.”  

The Govind Nagar Circle Officer Vikas Kumar Pandey said that there is a dispute over possession of the house. He says, “There seems to be no substance in the charges. Prima facie it appears that the girl has made the video viral in order to create pressure on the police. However, a probe is underway in this regard.” 

Could the circle officer be defending rather than taking some action against the officer responsible? Such a travesty is not unheard of. Just because there was an existing problem doesn’t mean the girl made the whole thing up, right? According to the girl and her family’s claims, Anup Yadav molested her. Which is terrible in itself, obviously. But when she went to police to get help, the inspector misbehaved with her as well. So, tell me, who do women turn to when we feel unsafe or have been subjected to mistreatment? Clearly, the police are of no help. 

Besides, if you think this is an isolated incident of police harassment, think again. Just a few months ago, a police officer in UP masturbated at a woman when she came to the station to file a complaint. Another police officer from Odisha was arrested for raping a 13-year-old girl.

In just the past 48 hours, we’ve woken up to two horrific rape reports coming out of UP, one where the teenage victim’s eyes were gouged out. These are just the crimes that have been reported. What about the unreported ones? How does a victim approach a cop when this is the kind of mistreatment that she could be subjected to? The police are supposed to be protectors, not predators. Action needs to be taken against the molester and the cop, if found guilty. This is truly messed up.


Mitali Shah

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