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Kangna Ranaut Proves She’s Still The Acting Queen In The Simran Trailer

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After an initial struggle to get her footing in Bollywood, Kangna Ranaut’s career has been a series of one hit film after another. And with the Simran movie trailer just out, we think she might just be setting herself up for another hit.

From the looks of it, Kangna’s character is that of a divorced Gujarati woman who lives in New York. But it gets more colourful than that; she’s also a kleptomaniac.

The Simran movie seems to have emotional drama and humour, both packaged in beautifully. Kangna’s troubled life juxtaposed by her carefree personality that tries to woo men with cheesy one-liners, makes the movie seem like a must-watch.

Watch the Simran trailer now and let us know if you’re waiting as much as we are for the movie to release.


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