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Japan Airlines Has A Baby Map So Passengers Can Book Their Seats Away From Infants. What An Idea

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When I introduce myself to people, I try to give them a picture of the kind of person I am- warm, intelligent and wholesome. I talk about my work, my hobbies, my favourite kind of food, places I’d love to travel to. Basically, everything that would paint a pretty and nice picture of who I am. Or at least could be….and it all seems to go well, up until the point someone brings up the topic of kids and then everything goes to shit. Because I am not into children. Yes, they are cute and all and I am not a heartless monster, but in enclosed spaces, both they and I end up being equally harassed. Like in a flight. But turns out I’m not alone, you know the kind of person who is bothered by this, because apparently not wanting kids next to you on a flight is a real thing. I say this because Japan Airlines has now introduced a map, where while booking tickets you can see where the kids seats are and book yours away from them. God bless them.

In what has been a delightful and relieving discovery, you can plan your seat ahead of time so neither you nor the child have to give each other hell. So your journey can be a relaxing and anxiety-free experience, you don’t have to fear being seated next to a child who either won’t stop crying or pulling at your hair every time their parents look away.

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And for people like us, who dread sitting next to an infant as much as they fear sitting on the middle seat next to a gassy person, this is nothing short of a pleasant surprise. With the new ‘baby map’ tool that becomes available when booking flights and it’s safe to say people were thrilled. Say tata to sleepless flights because this has honestly come across as the best news and now we just have to figure out ways to get Japan Airlines to fly the routes we want them to.

Although this might not be a full-proof plan, for there is always room for instant bookings and in-flight switches, but it’s a good start. However, while some rejoice at this idea, there are also several people who condemn such an approach and dismiss making it such a big deal, for they too once were kids. To each, his own we say, but for us? Definitely Japan Airlines!

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