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5 Ways To Spend International Women’s Day This Year

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For over a century, March 8 has been observed as International Women’s Day across the globe. In 1910, the UN passed the first charter and since then, this day has been given it’s due importance.

The whole debate of implementing these actions throughout the year, however, is another story. However, today is a special day, and the extra attention we get on this day, I think, is well deserved, don’t you? And why not? We should celebrate the beauty of our existence, our amazing selves, and be thankful that we were born as women, right?

So, let your hair down, go crazy and, for once, don’t let society dictate your life. Enjoy and live as you always wanted to, but at the same time, fight for your rights. Here are 5 ways you can make this day something more than just a nationally recognised day. Add the personal touch and choose your happiness first.


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1. Compliment The Amazing Women In Your Life

There is no one other than your very own mom and girlfriends who can make your day, even when you are going through hell. Start the day by thanking them for their presence and throw compliments around like they’re confetti. The smallest amount of positivity counts and trust us, it will make a hella difference! Try it out.


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2. Brunch With The Ladies

There are lots of restaurants that offer discounts and other specials on this day, ones you should most definitely make use of. A fancy brunch date, a lavish lunch buffet or a classy dinner — pick one or do it all, just make it a point that you are with your girl gang to create some of the best memories.


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3. Paint The Town Purple

There is no exact reason for this, but the colour purple has always been associated with IWD. So, wearing the shades of the royal colour today is ideal. Pick out that gorgeous dress or go bold with a violet lip colour, time to get daring, girlies!


Things To Do On Women's Day_Hauterfly

4. Get Inspired By A Good Read

I have always said that there is nothing better than a book that can make you think, change you for the better, and instill in you the inspiration that you have always been seeking. And what better date to do this than March 8? Honour the best female authors or books that tell you the life story of women who are breaking stereotypes.


Things To Do On Women's Day_Hauterfly

5. Pamper Yourself To The Tee

A day that honours you should be celebrated in the best possible way and do that by going to the spa, shopping for that bag, or just enrolling in that Zumba class. Spend on and pamper yourself. This day is about you so please make it about YOU!


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