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Instead Of Serving As A Deterrent, More Crimes Like Nirbhaya Are Emerging From All Parts Of The Country

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Call me idealistic but I really thought that after everything that happened with Jyoti Singh aka Nirbhaya, heinous crimes against women would be at an all-time low. There were candle marches and protests all around the country. Not to mention, the government at the time made it sound like they would prioritize women’s safety. But well, here we are in 2021 and, instead of dying down, violence against women has doubled. In fact, in the last two days, we have heard of three gruesome rapes taking place. One of which happened in Maharashtra and it brought back horrifying memories. Why? Well, the woman was raped twice aboard a bus. Sound familiar? 

This incident took place on a bus belonging to Goodwill Travels that was en route to Pune city from Nagpur. According to the victim, the cleaner aboard the bus raped her twice and then threatened to kill her by throwing her off the bus. The woman has reported this rape to the police and the case has been transferred to the correct jurisdiction. Based on the victim’s statement, a zero FIR has been filed against the bus cleaner. 

This is brutal and horrid. However, it gets worse. Two more rapes were reported in different parts of Madhya Pradesh. The first, a 45-year-old woman was gang-raped by three men. They also tortured her with an iron rod. This too is a case that is disturbingly similar to the Nirbhaya incident. 

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According to the victim, the three accused knocked on her hut door at night and asked for a glass of water. When she refused, they barged in, gang-raped and tortured her. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. The accused have been arrested but investigations are ongoing. 

The second rape took place in a different part of the state. A 13-year-old girl was brutally raped by an owner of a grocery store when she had gone to buy biscuits. The accused pulled her inside his house, raped her and then strangled her to cover up the crime. 

These three consecutive rapes beg the question, where are women safe? The answer is terrifying.

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