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In Bhopal, This Man And His Three Friends Barged Into A Woman’s House With A Pistol-Shaped Lighter And Held Her Family Hostage After She Rejected Him.

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If it isn’t bad enough that women can’t walk on the street without feeling unnerved and anxious, now, we aren’t even safe from the men in our lives who just can’t take no for an answer. We have come across several instances where a man’s every so fragile pride can’t take the weight of rejection and hence, he resorts to violence. Women suffer the consequences of their injured and butt hurt ego. The most recent incident occurred in Bhopal. A man and three of his friends broke into a girls house and held her family members hostage. All this because the girl turned the man down. This mindset needs to change immediately. 

The victim, a 24-year-old girl, refused the proposal of the main accused, Ravi Jatav. So he did the first thing that popped into his thick head. He barged into her house, along with three friends, held her mother and brother hostage while thrashing them. One of the intruders was carrying a pistol-shaped cigarette lighter to scare the victim and her family. Thankfully, it wasn’t a real gun. The incident occurred in Sewania Gaud village, on Saturday afternoon.

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The Ratibad police of Bhopal said Ravi had proposed marriage to the girl but she turned him down. She then began avoiding him. Of course, this severely bruised his ego. So, on Saturday when her father was not at home, the four accused barged in and began terrorizing them. Ravi’s friends thrashed the girl’s brother and mother while he harassed her. They also passed extremely lewd comments. 

After a while, they fled the area and threatened the family not to tell anyone. When her father returned, he took them to the police station. The police are searching for the accused but they are still on the run. 

This world is increasingly becoming a scary place. We have to be very careful. But more importantly, men need to be taught that rejection doesn’t necessarily need to have an automated response that resorts to violence. If a woman is not interested, let it go.

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