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I Gave The Netflix Party Extension A Try With My Squad And This Is The Most Fun I Have Had Since The Lockdown

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Raise your hands if you are done staying at home and constantly looking at the same four faces in the house! Because I am. I am so sick and tired of just doing nothing. I am bored of boredom. I am bored with watching Netflix (Yep, I am). At this point, I am just doing an amazing job at existing and sleeping. I even thought of working on my makeup skills, but I am lazy, so I didn’t do that either. Time to time I end up cleaning the house and bathrooms out of boredom. Yes, I am a clean freak! Coronavirus has really fucked us over. I am sure you all can relate to me.

I recently went on this thing called the internet and I discovered something amazing. Well, I am sure all of you already knew, but it takes time for me to catch up with the trend – Netflix Party. Now for those of you who are like me and are unaware of it well, it’s story time. So, Google recently launched Netflix Party that allows you to Netflix and chill (of the purely platonic kind) with your friends from any part of the world while staying safe and quarantined. All you have to do is go to the Netflix party site, click on the install button, add the app to your chrome extension that will appear on the top right and once you log into your Netflix accounts you can click on the NP on the top right and start a party.

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The app basically has a chat room where you can talk while enjoying the movie. So far I have done it twice already. I won’t lie I actually did feel nice and felt like I had someone next to me. My heart was happy again. That is obviously the whole idea of the Netflix party and I must say that this is the one thing you should definitely try while quarantined. It has its own fun and thrill, but if only it’s with the right people. Netflix party currently offers a 30-day trial before they start charging you for it.

Let me tell you that horror movies especially is a fun genre you must watch with your gang while text yelling on the chatroom.  If you are still looking at watching Netflix, then at least do it with your bros and sistas!

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