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Husband Sent Men To Rape His Wife And Put Chilli In Her Private Parts. Who Can We Trust?

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It is sad that I almost feel too privileged to hold a romantic view of marriages. I have always believed in the unadulterated essence of marriage, made of equal parts connection and love. You know, the feeling that your partner is your person and that you’re safe with them. I feel sad that for many, this is unreal. Because for many women, marriage is an institution that they are forced into – one that gives them no benefit and often, subjects them to violence and abuse. Recently, a 23-year-old woman was raped by several men sent by her husband after her parents failed to give the dowry they’ve been asking for.

The woman filed an FIR at Baseri police station in Dholpur district of Rajasthan against the husband, stating he would send men to rape her. She revealed that her husband sent one man to rape her on Saturday, and then another on Sunday. She also stated that they put chilli in her private parts. The FIR was registered under section 371D (gang-rape).

She got married to him five months ago and since then, her husband and her in-laws have been pressurising her for more dowry. And when her parents failed to fulfil their demands, he sent men to rape her. She was taken away from the hell hole by her parents. The woman was sent for medical examination and a case was registered. Meanwhile, her husband and in-laws fled the house after they found out that she has filed a police complaint.

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It is so heartless that men and their parents can inflict so much pain on a woman just because they feel so entitled to be paid handsomely for marrying her. This is the epitome of penis pride; what is so great about these pathetic men that they think they must be given so much and treated like Gods for marrying a woman? These people are not only adulterating the purity of marriage but also making people lose faith in humanity, a little more every day.

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