Got Fresh Piercings? These 5 Tips Will Help With Aftercare And Prevent Infections!

Take care of your piercings!
Got Fresh Piercings? These 5 Tips Will Help With Aftercare And Prevent Infections!

Tattoos and piercings look super cool, no matter what our parents say! They surely make you look and add an edge to your whole personality. In fact, piercings will give you a personality if you don’t have one (just kidding)! The period before getting piercings done is all cool and exciting but once you get it done, it is the post-piercing period that will bring tears to your eyes. I am not exaggerating as I have gotten my ears pierced and almost regretted them when they started hurting too much that I could sleep for nights. If you are thinking of getting piercings and do not want it to be a bad experience, here are some aftercare tips for you!

1. Don’t touch your piercings repeatedly

Yes, the piercings will feel new and even weird but do not touch the pierced site again and again. The piercing is like a wound for your body with a foreign object around it so let it heal at its own pace.

2. Clean your piercing sites

Make sure you clean your piercing sites with soap and water but make sure you do not touch the piercings without cleaning your hands first.

3. Do not remove the piercing when it is fresh

Ear piercings are going to hurt when you sleep but do not make the mistake of removing and wearing them again in the morning. This will only aggravate the wound and make it difficult for it to heal on time.

4. Apply warm ghee on your freshly pierced sites

Warm ghee will soothe the freshly pierced site and also make it throb less. Make you do apply warm ghee twice or thrice a day on the pierced site.

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5. Apply turmeric paste to make it heal faster

Turmeric is a magic ingredient that always helps with healing wounds faster. Clean your pierced site with soap and water, and then apply turmeric paste on it.

Make sure you follow these tips and properly take care of your piercings to avoid infections and other complications.

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