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7 Ways You Can Make Your Boss Feel Like You Work Too Hard

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Anyone who has ever worked in a corporate office, or has been a part of college projects, or has siblings, know the pain of being overshadowed. Too often, you do all the hard work and someone else gets the credit for it.

So if you’ve had enough and want to be a rebel, this article might just help you.

All of us are tempted to play dirty, but office politics will only harm you in the long term. And also, you don’t want to get fired, right? So we’re going to steer clear from the bitching, lies, and other evil measures that will put Satan to shame, ok?



What we will do is fake it (well, women already have practice in the art of faking, right? *wink wink*) and make it. If you are fed up and no longer want to put in any effort, here are a few tricks you can use to make your boss feel like you work a lot (if they notice), whereas in reality, you do nothing.

On the other hand, this can also be for all the bosses out there to pick out these signs and filter out the mischief mongers and reward ’em honest peeps.

PS: if your boss is anything like mine, she will already know. Seriously, she could opt for mind reading as an alternate career.


1. Look Frustrated

Act like you have all the burden in the world, with a constant constipated expression on your face. If more than 2 people ask you if you are okay, you know you are doing a good job. Bang your desk for added effect.


2. Carry A Lot Of Things

Always have some prop or the other with you at all times. A laptop, phone, diary, or even a pen. All of this will make you look super busy and your boss will be impressed. Enter with 2-3 bags and make it look like you have a lot of shit to deal with.


3. Walk Around In Panic Mode

To get legit attention, walk around the office looking stressed and maybe frantically abuse a person or two, preferably on the phone, so that everyone around you thinks, “wow, she must have a lot of work to do.”



4. Keep Too Many Tabs Open

Even when you go for a coffee break or lunch or to smoke, leave your computer open and show everyone just how much “research” you are doing. Keep excel sheets open for brownie points!


5. Stare At Your Computer

Make it look like you are in deep thought, like you’re pondering over something. And then even if someone tries to disturb you, just snap at them saying you are busy. No one will dare break your train of thought, and you can easily daydream about a bubble bath.


6. Shoot Multiple Emails

For the smallest thing, send an email. Even for things that you can easily convey verbally, just hit send and everyone will think you are being a baller. If you have no one to send them to, send them to yourself.


7. Always Talk About Work

No matter what the topic of conversation is, find a way to talk about work. If your colleague is talking about her new shoes, tell them how you’ve been so busy that you haven’t bought anything in months. If they say a parrot came flying in their room, tell them how messy your room is because you have been piled with work. Literally, any BS.


8. Work Till Late

Watch a movie or keep clicking meaningless selfies, just leave late from work and rest assured, your boss will think you are a superhero. Also, don’t forget to brag later about how late you were working last night and earn that ‘awww’ expression.

Okay, that was my evil job for today. I’m now going to go to a temple to cleanse my sins!


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