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10 Ways To Be More Kind To People On The Daily!

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Whether it’s the terrible news we read every day, the state of our roads, or even the 9-to-whenever routine we find ourselves in, there’s enough to grumble about. But the best way to snap out of the negativity, and lead a happier life, is to stop making everything about ourselves. Do something good for someone else, and this world becomes a slightly better place.

Random acts of kindness like holding the elevator door open, carrying someone’s bag, or even helping out with the dishes can put a smile on another person’s face. And the thing about kindness is it makes a giver out of the receiver too.

From improving your mood, to making you a little less self-obsessed, being kind to people does a whole world of good. Here are 10 legit ways to be kind to people on the daily.

inpost - helping people -crossing road

1. Help someone cross the road.

Crossing the street in any of our Indian metros is a legit task even for the most able-bodied. How much more for someone aged, blind or physically-challenged? Interrupting your own routine to help an elderly or a visually-impaired person cross the road won’t take much, but it will certainly make their life a little easier.

inpost - helping people -tipping waiter

2. Treat your waiter like a real person.

Most of us land up complaining about the food, service, or even the ambience of the restaurant, with little or no regard for our server. Instead of barking orders, complement and thank your waiter or his service, and don’t forget to leave a good tip. Trust me, it goes a long way.

inpost - helping people - let someone cut queue

3. Let someone cut the queue.

Everyone is in a hurry, all the time. But what if every once in a while, you let someone else go ahead of you and get their work done? If you’re not in a tearing hurry yourself, this kind act will definitely be appreciated by the recipient.

inpost - helping people - buy biscuits for poor

4. Feed a homeless person.

Buying a 10-rupee packet of Parle-G or maybe a vada pav for a homeless person who probably hasn’t eaten a decent meal in forever will help bring a smile to their face. The amount might not mean anything to you, but to them, it will mean a lot.

inpost - helping people - treat your friends with movie

5. Treat a friend to a movie.

Be nice to a friend without any reason. Treat your BFF to a movie or dessert, or if you just received your pay cheque or pocket money, then dinner would be nice too!

inpost - helping people - giving fruit

6. Offer the delivery man something to drink.

Delivery boys have it the hardest. Roaming around in the heat of the sun just to get you your food order or Myntra parcel on time can be a really thankless job. Why not offer him a juice or maybe even a chilled glass of water?

inpost - helping people - giving up your seat

7. Give up a seat in the train for someone.

Commuting in Mumbai’s ridiculous heat can really sap your energy. But once in a while, when you’re not feeling like you’re about to collapse, offer someone else your seat. You’ll be making their life a little easier, even if only for a day.

inpost - helping people - messaging people who helped you

8. Leave a note for someone who helped you out.

I am sure someone or the other does something to help you out every other day. The next time that happens, follow it up with a sweet message or note for them to make then feel appreciated. Something beyond a basic ‘thank you’ can be heart-warming.

inpost - 10 ways to help someone-holding the door

9. Hold the door open for someone else.

Who said only men can show chivalry by opening doors for their ladies? Show some kindness by opening the door for someone, and see a smile on their face!

inpost - helping people - smile at stranger

10. Smile more!

Last but not the least, smile! They say that a smile is as contagious as a yawn, so make the most of it. The next time a waiter comes to your table, greet him with a smile instead of a scowl, and then place your order. Smile at the lady at the cash counter, or your lift man. It’s just a better way to live.

Feeling inspired to be a little kinder? As you do these little acts of kindness, remember what goes around comes around! So you never know when you’re going to receive some kindness in return.


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