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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



You’ve been pretty comfortable in your PJs, but this is the time to put on your party pants. The Three of Cups signals a time of celebration, getting the whole family together, going out with friends and being the centre of attention. Celebrating your work. While that goes on, the project you’ve been working on asks for undivided attention. So break out the planner, and set daily goals for work. After that, it’s tequila time!



There’s new love on the horizon but rather than giving in to the mushy-mushy, you’re holding yourself back. While completely abandoning your common sense isn’t the right way to find romance, holding on to past failures is not doing you any favours. Sit with your fears and separate the irrational ones from the ones that need to be addressed openly. For those with a stable partner take this as a sign for new sparks within the relationship, a new milestone, perhaps?



You know what comes after weeks of stress? Hint: cucumber, gin and tonic. If you feel winded from the journey it’s because you’ve worked hard to get to the good place, so the first thing to do is abandon your worries. If you’ve given up a job, a city, a partner to come to this place, the only thing to do is look forward and make plans for the future. Invest your time in activities and people who heal you from the inside.



To borrow a phrase: you is kind, you is good, you is important. Now repeat this, and make it your mantra. If you think that everything you’re investing your time and energy into is ultimately unpleasant, this is the time to re-evaluate whether you are doing the right thing. Is it possible that you’re selling yourself short in collaborating on a project or in finding a partner? The Death card signals a need for ending this cycle of self-inflicted underestimation so you can get on with finding and showing off the best side of yourself.



This week the Nine of Swords appears to remind you that while there is more than enough to be stressing over – work/family/relationships – the answer doesn’t lie in mulling over the details. A mind weighed down by scenarios of conflict cannot see the solution; the way out of the swamp of stress. This is the week to spend time with a good-vibe tribe and indulge in a meditation circle. Book yourself into a private lodge in the hills and focus on finding inner peace.



Big week for you Virgo, the World talks of a project you’ve invested your time and energy into coming full circle. This ending is one that brings you the rewards you’ve been waiting for, whether they may be materialistic or more spiritual is how you look at it. While one cycle ends another begins, and so you find yourself on the brink of something new. The thing to remember is that while success isn’t guaranteed you shouldn’t allow the uncertainty to keep you from seeing the potential of this project.



Okay, let’s take this in three steps. One: Sometimes it’s best to take matters into your own hands than risk being disappointed by the half-hearted efforts of someone else. Remember, no one is as invested in your projects as you! Two: When you’ve been hurt by someone it’s a difficult line to toe but you have to figure out a path between staying strong and silent, seething in anger, and going outright ballistic on them. Three: Always stand up for yourself but in a way that your voice will be heard rather than add to the noise.



You know that feeling when everything seems to be settling just right into place and then basically the violins play and the birds sing and you ride off into the sunset with your partner? Well that’s an accurate summary of where you’re headed this week. Not that it is necessary, but external validation and support goes a long way in you and your partner securing commitment to each other. Take things to the next level, maybe?



The King of Wands speaks of passion which is never a bad thing but sometimes a partner’s passionate side can feel stifling. If you choose to embody this side make sure to balance your approach out because there’s nothing more unflattering than being a pushy lover. It’s only natural for you to be cautious about allowing someone into your life, especially when they’re an eager beaver. You could find a way instead to make it clear that you’d rather enjoy the process of getting to know each other rather than go straight to changing your Facebook status!



Okay, so this is a tough cookie but for this week it’s time to say goodbye to your extravagant ways and accept that the end-of-the-month slump is more than just a meme. Swap your Prada for PJs and call the squad home for pizza and netflix instead of a night out. Plan your expenses so you don’t feel like you’re pinching pennies. This week is all about spending smartly and not saying yes to every party just to have someone else foot the bill.



If there’s a sense of vacuum in your relationship, this is the time to address it. If you feel like your partner isn’t able to stand up for you or maybe isn’t around as much, this may be the time to re-assess the longevity of the relationship. The best kind of partnerships are where your goals for the future are aligned, even if not necessarily the same. If your partner isn’t able to help you grow and be the better version of yourself, sit and address the issues before they swell up into something uglier.



Sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out, or things take a turn for the worse and the thing you’ve been trying to make happen will have to be put on hold. This holds true for both a relationship, and a work project. While there’s always a ray of sunshine and no point of suspended action should hold you back, sometimes this roadblock comes at a time when you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Is it better to abandon the project altogether? If something has no possibility of taking off, might there be other opportunities that would benefit from your attention?



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