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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


If life were a self-help book the chapter this week for you is titled, “Stop worrying start manifesting”. The solution is simple to a seemingly big problem, to rid yourself of financial instabilities start building on your grand reserve. Think Scrooge McDuck with the vault of gold coins, what about that is attractive to you? Is it just about wealth or also security in your future?


The message this week is a two-pronged sword ready to stab at you with some reality checks. The first in the lover that seems to be promising the world but in reality what this partnership is a carnal affair. Acknowledge that some partners are only interested in certain depths of connection and no more. Curb your need for owning and hoarding, instead of filling your own shopping carts think how you can give back to the community.


This week promises a time of feeling secure, not just in the spiritual sense but also the material way. Your finances are multiplying like bunnies, or at the very least you have a healthy balance in place and don’t need to ask your parents for petty cash. Take yourself out on a date. Treat yourself to a new book, spend time with tools that help you learn new things as opposed to instagraming all day!


There’s a barrage of opportunities coming your way Cancer, promising a sense of fulfilment and abundance. Your heart will be full and you’d understand the importance of the people who stick by you. However, all of this is ultimately wasted if you are not open to receiving. If you’re busy looking back, there’s no way to move forward.


The week ahead is one of an exchange of ideas and creative energy. You are on the precipice of new beginnings and the good thing is you’re in good company – the one whom you bounce ideas off of is more than just an ear but offering their own opinion. The common thread throughout here is one of clear and open communication, particularly in time of Mercury retrograding, communication needs double the effort.


You is kind, you is good, you is important. That’s your mantra Virgo! Do not settle, never settle, particularly in terms of connecting with another person. In a world where the way others treat us is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, what could be falling short? Treat yourself like royalty, your body isn’t a parking lot it’s a motherfucking temple!


Back to Ariana this week, you see it, you like it, you want it, you got it! We are the creators and destroyers of our fortune Libra, and you’re learning to master the art of manifesting your true desires. Not just frivolous ventures but things that will serve a higher purpose in your pursuit of happiness and higher existence.


This week comes with a wake-up call, it’s time to assess where your finances are being drained from and what are the possible sources of going broke. When it’s time for cutbacks channel your practical side and let go of everything that isn’t a necessity. Trust that you’re never alone on the journey, don’t be afraid to reach out to the people who keep you grounded for any help.


Saving all your special days for someone Sagittarius? This week finds you in gooey-gooey love, without the cliches. Whether you’re in the early stages of a flirtationship or deep in a commitment to your partner, the vibe is one of deep connection and attachment. Conversely, on the work front, there seems to be a shift within and outside, forcing you to take a step back and assessing the bigger picture! Don’t fight the changes.


Some dualities work, most are complimentary, however, a lot of dualities are not good for you. Particularly when you’re unable to make up your mind and fill your thoughts with what if’s and but’s – these doubts serve no purpose in your ultimate journey and only delay your progress. You’re at the point of starting something new, do not hold back, this is your leap-of-faith moment.


This week is a time of switching lanes and taking things easy, when delays crop up they usually happen for a reason. Don’t fight the change of pace, use this time to analyse your path – maybe see if you’re still even on it and doing things you actually want to rather than working for the money. Alternately, look at your financial state. There is no glory in living like the starving artist – Make sure your cup is full before you offer creative freedom to others!


No more let self-doubt hold you back Pisces, this is a week of celebrating every damn thing about yourself – flaws and all! You’re royalty walking into every room and just by believing this you can potentially change how others perceive you. Let nothing hold you back from what you truly desire – as cliched as it sounds, life is what you make of it. Set your goals and go full steam ahead!


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