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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


This week for Aries is one of testing your inner resolve, but also how far you are willing to give people the benefit of doubt. The message is simple: no matter the situation whether at work or in a relationship, you must always allow for a vibe of open conversation. Go back to the classic poem by Rudyard Kipling, reminding you to ‘keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you’. If something is bothering you don’t be afraid to speak up.


Everything’s coming up roses for Taurus this week as your relationship reaches a place of utmost bliss – basically things have never been this good between you and your partner. This is a time of love and positivity, they’ll call you Mr. Brightside for your sunny disposition as you find your dreams coming true. And if not right away, you can at least see that it’s in-the-making. Bonus: you’re surrounded by people you love and trust.


It’s raining this week Gemini and when it rains it pours! Expect an abundance of monetary returns that you’re duly owed for all the hard work you’ve invested in your project. Surprise your friends by buying them all pizza this week, this abundance is directly related to your communal happiness. All this energy is perfect fuel to your creative fire, giving birth to new ideas like you’re Ariana Grande dropping new tracks every week.


Hit refresh Cancer, and this is something that cannot be stressed upon enough. Only when you’ve managed to clean your slate can you consider yourself fully prepared to receive all that is being offered to you – and this week that’s a new romantic interest. With a new beau headed to you, there’s also the possibility you’d be on the move, perhaps for work? A new opportunity might give you wings and take you to a new city for a project.


This week brings Leo face to face with an old lover, now while we’re all for second chances the decision ultimately is yours as to how this connection unfolds. Do you choose to take this opportunity as an exercise in finding flaws and all the odds that are stacked against you? Or is this an opportunity for the both of you to evolve both together and in your own ways? Expect to have your patience and commitment tested but the connection is a firecracker and you’ll find that it’s worth the effort.


Well well well Virgo expect this week to be one of celebrations particularly involving the family as you and your partner host your grand disclosure of the relationship. The vibe is one of harmony and union, on one hand you find a public acceptance of this partnership. On the other hand you and your beloved are turning up the heat in your relationship – keep the firefighter costume handy in case you need to put out any actual fires! Embrace the passion and give in to the flow of things.


As much as it goes against your fundamental nature, this week it’s time to RSVP ‘no’ to all social commitments and return to a vegetative meditative hermitage state. This week is all about letting things unfurl in their natural way, if it’s just two friends at home for dinner that goes miles further in strengthening your bonds than a wild night out. Never underestimate the importance of one-on-one communication, so if you’ve had someone on your mind, don’t be afraid to send a shamelessly flirty text to them.


Scorpio this week finds themselves being challenged with the fine act of balancing personal and professional lives. Even more so you’ll need to don your cap of multi-tasker to get through the crazy energy coming your way. Whatever has been bothering you will be exorcised as you lose yourself in the daily tasks. Do not shy away from reaching out to your squad for someone to rely on for support.


The land is fertile Sagittarius take this as your cue from the powers that be to roll out all ideas you’ve had brewing in your head. Part of your natural charm is your ambitious nature and you’re in a position to use your winning charm to grow your empire. At the same time be mindful of taking care of your inner self, schedule time for meditation, to disengage with all of the outside and social media world.


This week for Capricorn is a major balancing act and one that is often easiest to slip off from, that is when to be the self-assured, shrewd boss-babe you are and when to allow room for last minute changes and errors. The thing is you always have to be prepared, come to the table with a plan B, C, and D! While the business decisions are important and could have lasting impact, it’s best to remain open to outside suggestions.


Expect abundance on the monetary front this week, although it may come with its own share of challenges – be mindful of paying up all previous bills and borrowed money before you spend on other things. As with happiness, this success is best when shared, so take this as your cue to ring up the squad and call them over for a night of Netflix and pizza! Stay true to your ethical beliefs Aquarius, even when the going gets tough your honesty shines through.


This week requires Pisces to give in to their inner yogi and dive deep into the quest for peace – whether your thing is more about playing music with incense sticks or some old school meditation, you’re setting off on a spiritual quest. However keep in mind that this always works best when you still have people around you to keep you grounded. Keep your focus fixed on your inner journey.


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