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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Heads up, Aries! This week the King of Pentacles takes you on a ride through all obstacles to help manifest your goals. Use this energy to be the rock for your friends and colleagues to lean on and take charge like the great Ram himself. Maintain a calm, clear head and using that to drive your vision. Think outside the box and get the ball rolling. That dream to-do list won’t execute itself. This week is all about stability and taking charge but don’t forget to share your drive. No good comes from being greedy!



Tread carefully into the week, Taurus! The 7 of Wands brings up obstacles at every step. Whether it’s planning a project or vacation, you’re looking at some barriers. But don’t worry, temporary as they may be, the challenges come your way only because you’re great at what you do. Don’t let it bring you down. Sometimes the best way through a problem is to sit by yourself and think things through. Solo time could be your greatest gift this week!



In a time when there are a thousand voices talking, you are the flagbearer of harmony. Take the middle road and channel your inner Buddha to bring peace to discord. Allow the serenity inside to manifest outside and cut through the ego clashes around you, but watch out for the naysayers because not everybody appreciates the Zen approach. Let your emotions be still as water and let the negativity slide. You got this!



Take a break this week, Cancer! Check out from your room at Overthink Inn to breathe the flowers. Let your instincts take the wheel for a while especially as the Ace of Cups brings in the possibility of a new love. If it feels right in the moment, get dressed and go for that date you’ve rain-checked on twice. Don’t let the past weigh you down. Call your old friends. Go get a cocktail. On the money front, it’s always good to take a step back and analyse where investments are bound to bring returns and where to be frugal. Check the eggs in your basket before you send them off to hatch!



Your cup runneth over this week, Leo! Happiness, wealth, and love all come your way but proceed with caution because not all offerings are fruitful. Be wary of those who leave promises undelivered and use the down-time to cultivate patience. Expecting immediate results on stuff you’re working on will bring disillusionment. You’re in a position to see what is worth investing your time, love, and money in. It’s a good week to bring the whole family together and celebrate your wins.



Gird your loins this week, Virgo! The 10 of wands brings in more responsibility than you were prepared for. But don’t worry, if it feels like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders it’s probably because you’re entrusted with it. Ultimate happiness and hard work often go hand in hand and you’re bound to reap the benefits of your investments. This week is also about creating balance. Don’t underestimate the importance of some retail therapy or a dinner date. Take time to recharge your batteries and go forth guns a-blazing!



It’s a new love dawning on your horizons, Libra! Wake up and smell the coffee. The Ace of Cups brings in a pure, heart-centered energy. But nobody’s presenting it on a breakfast tray. Step out of your comfort zone this week. Solitude is great for personal and spiritual growth, but don’t cut off from the people around you. It’s bad manners to leave messages unresponded! Swap the linen apartment pants for apple bottom jeans and strut the sexy stuff! Moving forward is just one step away.



The scales have balanced this week. All conflict has given way to a period of calm. This week you’re the ‘peace and love’ guy. Trust in the power of the Universe and enjoy the boost of happiness—it’s not short-lived. There is no other shoe waiting to drop. No storm cloud on the horizon. Use the Zen mood to float your way through the week. Go out to the playground!



Pay attention to your karmic debt, Sagittarius. If anything is owed to you or by you this is the week to clear everything up. This is a time of multiplicity so whether you’re juggling an extra project at work or taking up a new class in the evenings, try to stay balanced. Money may be tight at this point but it’s crucial to maintain a level head and not give in to moodiness. Steer clear of emotional manipulation and avoid conflicts with the father-figure in your life.



Consider this week a call to action, Capricorn. Mere ambition is nothing without a plan of execution and the Knight of Swords promises to bring exactly that. On the work front there may be news of something new—did somebody say promotion? But expect a period of suspension. That raise may be a while away even though it’s been promised. But don’t fret. Some good is bound to come as this delay has the potential to bring an enlightenment. You may not get the reward you want immediately but something better might be coming your way.



Clouds gather above you this week and it may seem like every day brings in a new disappointment. You may feel at odds with those around you, possibly fueled by a failure on their part to meet expectations. But don’t give in to the drama. Nobody’s happy around an ego-high person. Avoid giving in to the first instinct and take time before you react or reply. A clearer head and peaceful approach can avoid confrontation and potential disaster.



Chin up, Pisces! If you’re feeling down and out it’s time to stop wallowing in the loss. Remember the disappointment you feel stems from expectations in the outcome of a situation or the actions of a certain someone. The only way to recover from this emotional loss is to seek refuge, to forgive, to move on. Let yourself be an invincible ball of love, of kindness and positive energy. Sometimes the only person holding you back is you, so tap into your hidden powers and rise from the ashes.


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