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Your Horoscope This Week

May 20, 2018 | by Hauterfly Staff
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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



This week is all about shaking off the dust and putting things into action, especially if you’ve been dawdling on your current project. Dream big on the work front, but also peek into your wander-list. From where to go to what to eat, you’re ready to take on all of the work in order to make this dream vacation a reality. To avoid any slip-ups though, take things at an easy pace and process all information, don’t make any hasty decisions until you’re fully prepared for them.



This week has a largely uncomfortable energy, but the good side of this discomfort is that it has the power to motivate you to change your circumstances. If you feel like you’re creatively boxed in, or perhaps not getting the right chance to properly flex your talents, don’t fret because there may be new opportunities around the corner. The thing to remember is not getting caught up in the emotional side of things but rather view it practically, how can you use this time more productively?



Breathe easy! With the Five of Cups comes a sense of loss and general disappointment, of things not working out in your favour in the short term. In such scenarios, it often happens that we tend to focus on what could’ve been rather than what we could make happen. Try and shift your focus on the things that are working out for you right now, some days we have to make our own sunshine and motivation. If it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle then stop, turn around. Seeing how far you’ve climbed will alter your perspective.



This week appears to be particularly challenging for you because something has triggered feelings of insecurity in your relationship. Alternatively, you might be experiencing financial instability – could the two be linked? The first thing to do is approach these issues with a cool head, the hyped up you’re, the tougher conflicts become and that holds true both for work and with your partner. If you have a specific goal in mind, set out the intention, work towards it. Don’t shy away from demanding credit where credit is due!



Well, you can look forward to feeling like a bundle of joy this week because you’re surrounded by your favourite people, family that lifts you up and makes you feel special. Spend time with your siblings and catch up on everything you’ve missed out on – this is a week that calls for some major family reunions. On the flipside, sometimes it isn’t the family we’re born into but the one we choose for ourselves that we love most, so call up your best friends and do a much deserved pizza night.



The general consensus is that making big decisions is never fun! And this week seriously proves that point. There’s a new opportunity headed your way but it calls for a shaking up of things and you’re not really there yet and the longer you wait the further you retreat into your shell. But, the good thing is your downtime will allow for clarity of mind – a true weighing of the pros and cons. Just don’t get too comfortable there though, if you wait too long, you may just lose a golden opportunity.



Now, it may seem absurd to hear this but sometimes when work is concerned, especially a project that requires you to channel your creativity, it’s best to keep your emotions aside. Pure objectivity is impossible, but you cannot allow personal crises to hamper your workflow. This is a week of indecisions, of wanting to travel but not being sure of where to go. Is your travel list too long? Throw a dart at it and see where it lands. Debating on whether to join your friend for a trip? Weigh the pros and cons and book your tickets!



Whether it’s from too much partying or too much work you’ve basically driven yourself into a corner because now your body’s calling for a time out. Newsflash: you are not indestructible and even hard work is only effective when balanced out by enough rest both physical and mental. And now comes the Hanged Man, a card that speaks of suspended action on all fronts, instead of abandoning your projects completely, just put them on hold. Recharge your batteries and resume work with a fresher perspective. The word for it is delayed gratification.



Hang up the party shoes for some time, this week is all about spending time with those who matter, and we suggest doing this in a comfortable setting. Think PJs, pizza, and a movie marathon. There’s a lot of love in the air, even for those who don’t believe in it, as siblings reunite and share memories and experiences. If that’s not your thing, call on the friends-like-family you’re surrounded by, and host a dinner like the fabulous person you are!



Generally speaking, the Tower isn’t the best card in the deck, it talks of utter destruction of plans that fall apart, most often in an unexpected way. But the positive side of this is that this often leaves you open to change, and change is good. Think of it as the crumbling of something only halfway good to make room for an amazing beginning – as long as you remain open to it. Chaos can be good news too, but if you’re limiting your own progress you’d never have the chance to find out where you can take this newfound energy. Allow for things to take their natural course, sip some green tea and ask for inner peace.



Faced by an uncomfortable truth, you’re only doing what’s natural, i.e. using the ostrich method of shoving your head underground. But the thing is, your unwillingness to confront an uncomfortable situation will only build more pressure until the whole thing explodes. While we’re major advocates of shopping and indulging in the finer things in life, you cannot use these sprees as a means of distracting yourself from the problem. Focus on the real issues you’re facing first and then treat yourself to a new pair of shoes.



Yes, you love being dark and twisted about your emotions sometimes, love isn’t what you thought it’d be, no one’s writing you poetry, etc. etc. But the thing is, in looking back at the past hurts, and everything you didn’t get from these situations, you’re overlooking the wonderful people you’re surrounded by in the present. If you continue to overlook the happy times, the people close to might feel like you take their presence for granted – even though you don’t really feel that way. Basically, turn away from the darkness and onto the sun!

Hauterfly Staff

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