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This Is The Kind Of Bride You Will Be, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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No one’s as fiery as the Aries Bride, no one. Just ask her and she’ll turn it into a competition! The true-blue obsession with being and having the best comes out in her unwillingness to settle for anything less than top notch. Expect a luxurious affair, an impeccably catered event, with the best décor and photographers in town. 10/10 likely to have a destination wedding in order to outdo her friends’, and show up in an outfit bordering on traditional and totally risqué.



The Taurus Bride may pretend to play it cool but she wants to live the fantasy – a fairytale gown, doves flying in the air, a perfect church wedding. Expect the best of the best – white roses, champagne pouring everywhere, satin tabletops to match. Don’t be surprised if she gets a whole live orchestra for the ceremony before letting her inner Bollywood diva break out!



With Gemini we come to the quintessential Social Media Bride. Now she’s someone who will not only document everything from dance practices to outfit fittings on her Instagram, she’d even plan her events in a way that they are the most ‘gram friendly. Expect her to get her guests to give interviews on why she’s an amazing friend and a beautiful bride. 10/10 likely to come up with her own wedding hash tag. And honeymoon hash tag. And bachelorette hashtag!



Few brides can be considered typically Bollywood style as the Cancer Bride. Veering in the territory of Bridezilla with her keen eye for perfection, this bride is obsessed with having everything align with the ideas penned down in her diary (chances are this diary has been a few years in the making!) 10/10 will ask her friends to agree with her decisions and pre-approve all of their outfits.



The roaring Leo makes for the perfect OTT (Over The Top) Bride and you gotta expect nothing less than the whole world to be revolving around her. This bridezilla loves to live her life like it’s a movie where everything has to be gorgeous and even when she wakes up she’s flawless. 12/10 will choreograph her own love story through song and dance.



The Virgo Bride is an outdoorsy one, expect her ceremony to happen under full view of the night sky maybe at an offbeat location. For her this is a time to reconnect with her ancestors maybe with a return to the family home. She wants to have a fun wedding but don’t expect an invite if you’re not in the friends and family circle – it’s a quaint event planned to the T all by her! 10/10 will take her shoes off and walk barefoot at some point.



With Libra we come to the classy AF Bride. Expect this wedding to be one sophisticated affair because she will also go all out and match the flowers to her outfit embroidery and the vibe would just be a tasteful chic event. Decision-making is not her strong point! This bride nonetheless loves being the center of attention and is 10/10 likely to resort to an instagram poll to help decide which outfit she should wear!



The Scorpio Bride is super mysterious because her wedding is her most private moment in life. If you do make it on the guest list don’t be surprised if there’s a big bonfire and a shamanistic ritual involved. This is a bride who could totally elope in secret and return with a surprise announcement and invite you to a crazy reception party.



As we come to Sagittarius we meet the Unpredictable Bride, mostly because nobody knows whether she’ll fly in two weeks before the wedding or three days. This bride will attend outfit fittings between work meetings and have a no-frills kind of ceremony followed by a crazy party. 11/10 can’t wait to jet-set on her honeymoon five minutes after the ceremony.



Set to trigger everyone’s inner Alok Nath, it doesn’t get more traditional than a Capricorn Bride. Expect a big feast and all 95 rituals to happen at her wedding, which she’s probably going to take a full year sabbatical to plan. 10/10 will get her friends to sing along at the Maata ki Chowki!



The Aquarius Bride can be summed up as the chilled out bride, as easy-breezy as can be. She’s more concerned about the spirit of getting people together for a happy occasion than who’s catering the event. This wedding is the ultimate in mix-and-match, with a paan counter on one side and an artisanal cheese platter on the other. She’s all for a ceremony under the stars but will also get the DJ to play techno afterwards!



With Pisces we come to the Old School Bride, the OG of all brides out there. She wants the full fairytale wedding, from perfect lighting and flower displays to the Umrao Jaan décor. She plays the blushing bride role perfectly, surrounded by her bridesmaids and is 10/10 going to stress if the floral arrangements are not properly aligned.



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