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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Okay Aries, moving past the murky energy of the past few weeks you start this month on a bright and super focused note. There is a renewed clarity of vision, so even if you seem to have an increasingly busy social calendar the priority of your projects remain strong. More than that you also have an idea of how much work needs to go into what and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, so it’s all systems go!


This week has the possibility of feeling like a whirlwind, particularly on the emotional front. What is your first reaction when you receive disappointing news? Sometimes instead of having an immediate reaction there is much insight to be gained by clearing the mind. Take this as your sign to experiment with meditation, reconnecting with yourself. Allow the new projects coming your way to provide for easy distraction.


More often than not the past serves as a reminder of what not to do, particularly in matters of love and building relationships. And you’ve had your fair share of both good and bad ones. So now you find yourself being careful about who you let in to your life and choosing instead to focus on self-love and first being your own best friend. Take this as a sign from the Universe that if someone doesn’t add value to your life you are better off letting them go!


This week presents you with an interesting opportunity as new romances flare up all around you and while you’re more than ready to get into something hot and fiery you might have trouble separating emotions from pure passion. First things first: have clarity in your mind on what you expect out of this connect. Only then can you clear space and avoid disappointment!


This week comes with a big change for you: the first being that you have been settling for second best, possibly even something more underwhelming particularly in the workplace. Are you dealing with these difficult coworkers and company just because you think you don’t deserve better? And if so WHY? As realisation comes you choose to walk out on your own terms and let the chips fall where they may.


Are you feeling down and out, particularly when it comes to waking up and heading to work in the morning? Could it possibly have something to do with your finances? This week the cards challenge you to put your thoughts together and provide an explanation for why you’re due for a raise particularly if you’ve been working extra hours. The best way to do it: make it seem like it’s their idea!


Time to say goodbye to the old you, this week is all about going full charge to have all your T’s crossed and I’s dotted. In a time for having things done effectively there is no room for emotions and getting caught up in the flowery side of things. Write down a strategy and map your way to the ultimate success!


This week puts you in the spotlight, not only in terms of making grown up decisions but also in attracting new connections! Adulting never looked easier than it does on you – say yes to every social event and turn it into a networking opportunity! Turn on the charm-O-meter and see how everybody comes flocking to you.


Big billionaire dreams are totally your thing, just peek at your planner! However there may be things holding you back from executing this master plan particularly in terms of finances. Consider your options from third party sources, treat this more as an investment rather a loan because you may just be surrounded by people more than willing to invest in your future!


The month starts on an interesting note as one thing ends and another begins. The positive of this is: you are still in control. The work project or even the relationship that is ending has naturally run its course and you as the captain has steered the ship to this point. And as always, an ending opens the space up for a beginning so whether you want to shift your focus towards something else or to self healing, the time is now!


This week presents an interesting conundrum for you, while there may be exciting opportunities at work, maybe even your dream project offered up with you in the lead. There is also a few speed bumps to be expected down this road that will test your resolve and bring its share of formidable opponents. However trust your instincts and when it’s all over and done know that you always have your inner circle of friends to fall back and celebrate with!


Okay Pisces, the rose tinted glasses have come off and how. But here’s the thing, it won’t be a rude shock to you because you’re the one who’s changing perspective here – you’re still in control. Choosing to look at the practical side of things, particularly in terms of work and finances, is unavoidable especially if you’ve been putting it off for a while now. The future looks promising provided you set yourself in the path towards it, if something has a dead-end kinda vibe, it probably is due time to make some changes!

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