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Your Horoscope This Week

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


The energy this week seems to be slowing down, or perhaps it is asking for you to slow down as you may find yourself in a precarious position, possibly to be let down by someone close to you. Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Well, maybe this is a sign that you need to zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture. When we are following one straight path it may get difficult to keep other things in check. Could there be things you’re missing out on? Prioritise your task list upon careful consideration.


Often when things fall apart we are too busy dealing with the wreckage to see that there is also an infinitude of new opportunities just waiting in front of you. It can seem harder particularly if this involves a cheating partner or someone betraying your trust. However the energy reflected this week is more of good riddance than a sorrowful end as you pick yourself up and find the best strategy to move on from your current situation.


This week the vibe is super laidback for you, one of reconnecting with old friends and taking a trip down memory lane – even if it involves a full afternoon of playing XBox. Surrounded by those who care for your happiness, this is a time of absolute joy and indulging in the things that leave you feeling bright and sunny inside-out. Take this good energy with you to the workplace and share your positivity.


Moving past the energy of last week, there seem to be doubts cropping up in the space shared between partners. Here’s the biggest question, even Sex and the City couldn’t answer definitively: is emotional cheating as bad as physical intimacy outside the relationship? Could this be due to a lack of clarity? Don’t be afraid to define your partnership, the only way out of these conflicts is by actually speaking about what went wrong.


This week opens you up to newer challenges, mostly in terms of distracting from the bigger goal. It’s up to you to decide which conflicts need to be resolved and what needs to be let go of – basically don’t get caught up in drama. Keep your goals in mind and surround yourself with people who motivate you to put your best efforts into your plan for world domination.


This week brings up one of the biggest challenges for you, mastering the art of patience – particularly as a potential relationship develops. While this may be someone who doesn’t necessarily match your intellectual frequency or has very strong opinions, it is up to you to channel your inner peace and deal with this in a kind and loving way.


This week pushes you further down the path less travelled where you must choose to do away with emotional attachments and focus solely on the work. Never at the cost of your relationships but to bring life to this project that you are so fired up for requires more focus and commitment than you anticipated. Speaking of emotions, chances are this is also coming up because you’re holding onto something negative from the past – most likely a bad work situation that has tainted your approach to work.


You know what really works – and not just in a particular situation but as a general rule? When things seem to not be working out no matter how hard you’re trying in however many different ways, there’s always a bigger reason involved. This week, the lack of progress is your cue to hit pause and head out: whether this is to the spa nearby for a himalayan salt bath or just fly to the nearest beach.


This is a week of tightening those purse strings. Say no to every social scene that doesn’t involve free cocktails because finances may be running in limited supply this week. That being said don’t be afraid to lean on your friends to help you blow off steam because everyone needs a time out after an earful from the boss. House party, anyone?


Moving from the energy of the week that was, Capricorns now find time to hit pause. You’ve gone out and tested the waters, explored possibilities whether tangible or in your head, but now is the time to go offline and think things through on a deeper level. You know the feeling of shuffling cards and they keep falling out of your hands because there are too many for you to hold? Breathe in and collect your thoughts in peace as this period of rest promises a lot of perspective.


Often when we’re going into a funk we have a tendency to isolate ourselves, but sometimes it’s easier to transition out of the bad place when you allow yourself to reach out to those who care for you. There is more than enough to take your mind off the negativity. Open yourself to the goodness that’s all around you.


What’s that cheesy quote? If you love something set it free and something? If you don’t love something, set that free too. It’s never easy to be the one who calls end time on a relationship but when things are just not working out, someone has to step up and say the obvious. Take time away, just to yourself. Hit the beach or maybe a nice hillside retreat to recenter your energy.


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