Your Horoscope This Week

Your Horoscope This Week

HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!



Expect heightened emotions this week Aries, a brush with your sentimental side that has little to nothing in relation to the stormy Valentine’s Day. You’re guided by your intuition particularly in dealing with difficult people – and we know there’s always more of them around than we know. Know your truths and don’t be afraid to voice them, your secret weapon this week is clear communication.



In the week ahead expect a transformation, Taurus. Everything you have had your eyes on begins to take tangible form and the goals seem clearer. Expect monetary returns on your investments particularly where you have expended your time and energy the most. Tread carefully in the company of your closest people, stop yourself short before you take them for granted. Trust that everything is easier to resolve with a cool mind than to lash out impulsively.




There is a duality weighing heavy on you and the only way out is through, so your task this week Gemini is to pave a path through the fields of insecurity and self-doubt. Where do you think you’re falling short, if at all? This is a time of extreme creativity for you, you’re basically bursting with ideas and you just need to trust in yourself and share them with the world!




Expect unpleasant revelations this week Cancer but remember that it is always better to know that you’re placing your trust in the wrong person/place than to be in the dark. Only from this place of hurt and dejection will you rise like a phoenix. A casual flirtationship may be just around the corner to lift your spirits, your message as always is to remain open to the spontaneity of the universe.




Expect a shift in perspective this week Leo, turns out you don’t need to be overcritical of others! This is a time to let go of grudges and hit refresh on your approach to those around you, even the ones that don’t show kindness. You are ever evolving, so go forth into the world with a smile and embrace your adversaries. Shed the ego and give love and peace a chance.




This week is #throwbackthursday for you with a surprise visitor from the past walking back into your life, now this doesn’t need to be an old lover but even if it is none of the awkwardness of the past comes along. This week is about reconnection, bonding over the past and celebrating the present – live in the moment, Virgo! Make time for your family, spend a weekend just with your siblings, these are lifelong bonds after all.




Expect a month-long Valentine’s Day Libra with new potential love interests walking in, your life is beginning to look a lot like a Kristen Bell rom-com. But this is more of a lasting love affair than a comedy of errors, the new connections you form in the coming week are more long-term than you may expect. This is a time of mature love, none of the fleeting nonsense you’ve been playing with for some time now.




This week for Scorpio brings an important lesson, you are the person in charge, the one responsible for keeping your boat afloat. If there are goals you have in mind there is more to achieving them than setting intent you have to make a move and dedicate yourself to honing your craft. Everything is the by-product of conscious decision making, be aware of how and where you are choosing to invest your time and energy.




Expect a week chock full of activity, some fun and some downright challenging to the point that you feel completely drained by the end of the day. The only way through this is to keep an hour aside at the end of every day to disengage from all that has transpired, to hit refresh every morning and start with new energy. There is hope on the horizon that the conflicts will be resolved, that the roadblocks will clear, and optimism finds its way back to you.




If you hear a ringing sound this week Capricorn they’re no wedding bells but alarm bells. Consider this your wake up call and shift focus from your heart to the head, this is a time of making practical decisions and analysing your situation from an appropriately detached perspective. While the journey may seem tough, what awaits you on the other side is inner peace and happiness.




This is a week of coming into your own Aquarius, particularly if you are in a partnership where the lines have blurred between harmony and coworking into codependency. This is a time of asserting yourself and working on your individual needs. Only you know what is the best path to your own happiness so sit down and analyse how to navigate this situation to get the most of it.




Expect an electric shift within Pisces, this week is one that sees you recognising and fully embracing the power within. Don’t fight the changes, accept and grow with them, and as you rise, remember to remain kind to the ones around you. When you’re being given the rewards and recognition for your hard work it’s key to keep the ego at bay and remind yourself to be compassionate and giving no matter what.

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