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Your Horoscope This Week!

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HauterScopes is a weekly column with exclusive horoscope readings for you. Check back every Monday for insights on your week ahead when it comes to love, career, and general well-being. We promise it’s going to be awesome!


Tis the season to collaborate Aries! Two heads are better than one they say and so you can trust that you’re in good company where you’re sharing space of ideas in a very tangible way. The both/all of you believe in the project and are equally invested in making it come alive and that’s because communication is easy and you value each others contribution. Take this time to drive out what you want the next few months to look like in terms of work and commitments.



This week for Taurus is the perfect work-life balance, and not only because you’ll get the green light that everything you’ve been working towards has been worth it. The rewards will come with your due. You have managed to open the door to some amazing new opportunities and the way through this new uncharted territory is the same hard work and dedication. Don’t pay heed to what is said behind your back, your focus should remain forward!



This week for Gemini brings all promised returns in projects that you have been investing your time and energy. This could be a big fat paycheque or the equivalent in perks that really make your job droolworthy in other people’s eyes. This is also a time of investing your finances in something worthwhile, don’t spend all you earn! While everything is going great and dandy, don’t give up on the reason why you started on this journey to begin with.



The funny thing about looking back at how far you have come is that sometimes you feel like you haven’t been doing your best work. Or perhaps you feel like you’ve been given the short end of a stick in a situation where you deserved more from someone or something. This is a time to stop thinking/overthinking and start acting. There is more to be gained by focusing on the creative process and working rather than looking at what challenges may come up along the way.



This week Leo you must confront the harsh reality of life. It is only when we are unwilling to see the cold facts that we find the rug slipped from under our feet. Even though it may feel like things may have completely fallen apart this week, remember that it is okay to take your time to process all that is going on. Allow yourself to mourn what has been lost so long as you are willing to give a chance to also finding the light. Whether it is meditation or something else, invest time in doing things that help you heal by yourself.



On the workfront this week marks the final straw in you settling for less than – demand your dues and don’t be afraid of letting others know your worth. On the personal front however this is a futile exercise because you’re surrounded by an absolute kind of love. If you’ve been thinking about your picture perfect rom-com spark, this is it Virgo. You and your partner are working in harmony and there is no fear of solidifying commitment to each other.



Too many things on your mind Libra? This is a time of doing away with people who talk and don’t follow through. Dispel the illusions that won’t take you anywhere tangible. Don’t get caught up in the cycle of seeking external validation and therefore having too many tabs open because ultimately it’s drawing focus away from the stuff that really matters. Keep your outfits in check you never know when the love of your life unexpectedly walks through the door but the chances are high!



This week for Scorpio puts to ease all the tumultuous energy from the week that was, this is basically a moment of hitting refresh! It’s up to you to use this energy to your greatest advantage. Be consistent with your efforts both at the workplace and in your relationships. This is also a time of creating reserves, so instead of shopping for everything, invest money in what you need. Challenge yourself with some personal fitness goals!



When things seem to be going haywire, trust your inner compass to guide you in terms of what is right and wrong. Even though the past week has been one of struggle and conflict, maybe you lost something you really treasured, this is a week of re centering your energy. Breathe deeply before you start your new journey Sagittarius. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, indulge yourself a little maybe?



Life is what you make of it Capricorn, and this week is all about you having your breakthrough moment pushing past the self doubt and realising what a boss you are. Not only are you in a space of learning and inspiring others, but the sense of fulfilment that work brings this week reminds you that you are exactly where you’ve wanted to be. Even in the face of insecurities, and they’re bound to show up, remind yourself of your power.



This week for Aquarius is one of testing your inner resolve. How far are you willing to stick to your guns when faced with a challenge. Go back to the classic poem by Rudyard Kipling, reminding you to ‘keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you’. The road to this point has been long but you’ve passed it with finesse. Turn your focus inward and spend some time lighting incense in your meditative space.


This week for Pisces the message is clear, you find yourself at the start of a new journey and this is not the time for second guesses and overanalysing. Take a leap of faith and trust in what you are trying to build of your life from this point on. Before you make the decision though it is always good to have all your options in front of you, leaps of faith by no means are blind impulsive decisions so go forth with appropriate caution.


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