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Gul Panag Wearing A Dress From 18 Years Ago Is Giving Us Major Fitness Goals

October 22, 2019 | by Mitali Shah

How many of us can say we fit into clothes that are over a decade old and actually mean it?  If you can then, wow, I am a little jealous. You the know the feeling when you’re cleaning out your wardrobe and you find a really old dress stashed at the back and you try it on and it actually fits, that is the definition of small pleasures of life. Sadly, most of us don’t have those thanks to our food and no-exercise habits. But there are people who do, people like Gul Panag who seem to have no such issues. She is the perfect fitness idol, fitting into clothes that are practically two decades old without a worry. That is practically every adult’s dream, it definitely is mine for when I turn 40! Anyway, like I was saying she really is the person giving us major fitness goals, read on to know why!

Gul, who is currently promoting the #HerDrive campaign, turned up at its Chennai tour wearing a dress that is nearly 18-years-old. She took this opportunity to break the stereotype that says you can’t repeat clothes. I for one am really glad someone is taking this up because it just makes no sense. Why shouldn’t you repeat clothes? When she posted a picture of her in the dress on Instagram, the first half of her caption read, “Down with those who say ‘you can’t repeat a dress. This dress is 18 years old. And I’ve been repeating it for a while.” There aren’t many celebrities out there who can say they fit into clothes older than a decade. Hell, there aren’t many celebrities out there who will openly say they repeat outfits! That is why we are currently crushing on Gul Panag, she never succumbs to stereotypes.

We are actually confused about what is cuter, the black and white dress itself or the story behind it. In the same Instagram caption, she goes on to tell us the story of the dress and our hearts melted with joy. The caption read, “About the dress. HE got it for me in the year of the lord 2001. He was on a work trip to Seattle (to pick up and ferry back a new B737 from Boeing), when the delivery of the aircraft was in delayed. Indefinitely. A 3-day trip turned into a 20-day trip. He had a lot of time at hand. He saw this dress in a store. It was way more than he could then afford. He had 15 days to think about it. Still bought it.” The first thing that came to mind while I read this caption was, if I had a dress that held such sentimental value, I wouldn’t want to outgrow it either. Even if I did, I would keep it in my closet forever (Yeah, I’m a hoarder like that!)

This isn’t the first time she has shown us she can fit into her old clothes either. Earlier this month, while Gul was vacationing in Maldives, she shared a picture showing off her perfectly toned body in a 20-year-old Marks and Spencer’s swimsuit. She hasn’t aged one bit from the looks of it and hasn’t even put on weight.

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Like I said above, she is currently promoting the #HerDrive campaign. Which is actually pretty cool and has a super interesting concept. On the Chennai leg of the tour, they had open discussions about stereotypes and then they burnt those stereotypes, literally. They wrote down a stereotype each and threw it into a fire! Then, they went out for a drive, amazing right? Gul writes, “Why should boys have all the fun?” We agree and we wish everyone would participate in more campaigns like these to celebrate women.

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