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6 Deliciously Offbeat Mousse Recipes!

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The best part of every meal is, undoubtedly, dessert. Seriously, nothing beats the sight of a delicious piece of pie or cake, after a wonderful meal. Besides, dessert can always make your problems seem not-so-pressing, after all. Had a bad day? Sit yourself down in front of the telly with a big bucket of chocolate ice-cream. Your problems will melt faster than that ice-cream will!

However, my go-to dessert has always been mousse. There is just something about a gooey, sinfully sweet cup of mousse that’ll make me feel like everything will be A-OK! But if you think that chocolate mousse is the only kind of mousse there is, get ready to discover, my friend. Crawl out from beneath that rock and take a look at these offbeat and delicious mousse recipes, designed to satisfy those mid-week cravings.


1. Passion Fruit Mousse

Give your tastebuds a treat with this wonderful recipe. There is nothing like passion fruit to provide any recipe with a welcome twist. One spoonful of this mousse and you will feel like you’re off holidaying by the sea!


2. Mango Mousse

Here’s a recipe to keep in mind when summer rolls in next year! Just imagine the taste of some yummy mango mousse on a hot evening. Heavenly, right?


3. Cherry Soufflé Mousse

Just like they promise in the video, this mousse will turn out to be “sweet, pink, fluffy, and delicious”! Also, I dare you to NOT crave for some mousse once you’ve seen this video.


4. Ultimate Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse

I don’t know about you, but I love salted caramel. It gives any dish a fresh and yummy taste that’ll last longer than plain chocolate mousse does.


5. Coffee Mousse With A Chocolate Layer

Coffee + chocolate? I’d say bring it on!


6. White Chocolate Mousse With Berry Jelly

White chocolate is absolutely delicious and when paired with the taste of fresh berries, it makes for an ideal after-dinner treat.


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