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Doughnut Bouquets Are A Thing Now — Just Take Our Money!

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For years, we’ve been giving flower bouquets in the name of gifts. They have been our last-minute hustle, accompanying the ‘get well soon’ cards, and have basically helped us save time and face, over and over again. What? Tell me honestly if I’m wrong. You know I’m not.

Even though we know they are ultimately a waste and of no use to the person we are giving them to, unless it is someone who really LOVES flowers, we still take the safe and easy route, and gift them anyway.

It’s time we stop that. Bringing a new bouquet into the picture is Sydney-based confectioner, Dessert Boxes, which has started making nutella doughnut bouquets. Can you imagine the joy of a doughnut bouquet?

But you don’t need to go all the way to Sydney to get one — you can just make one yourself. Buy donuts and turn them into a bouquet. Literally. Oh, and please add a ribbon.

Scroll down to see how Instagram has become a sweeter place with these treats, and since Father’s Day is right around the corner, you know what to do!








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