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10 Rooftop Restaurants Perfect For Summer Date Nights

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You know what’s more difficult than asking someone out? Planning the perfect date! And gone are the days when it was all on the guy to do everything. If you like the guy, go tell him, pick out a restaurant, and have the time of your life.

For me, rooftop restaurants are synonymous to romance. Sunsets, good food, a few drinks, conversations, and a sky full of stars (okay, a few stars) — what’s not to like?

Plus, most restaurants that are on the terrace, out in the open, play toned-down music that set the ideal atmosphere for a heart-to-heart chat. Literally, dine like you are on top of the world and it helps that you’re already high. Get it?

And if something goes wrong, you can always throw him off the terrace. Just saying.

Here is a list of 10 gorgeous rooftop restaurants across India to make your summer dates full of love. Which one are you heading to on your next date night? Let us know in the comments below! 


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1. Dome, Intercontinental — Mumbai

With the view of Marine Drive, it cannot get more beautiful than this. Dome is a terrace sky bar with comfortable monochrome settings. Time here will fly and so will you!

Cost For Two: Rs 3,500
Contact: 022 39879872


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

2. Blue And Beyond — Kolkata

One of the few rooftop restaurants in the city, Blue And Beyond has a covered dining space on the terrace and an alfresco one as well, giving you a choice to pick. Known to be a fantastic place to watch live sports screenings, since the IPL is on, you know where you need to head. Also, beer!

Cost For Two: Rs 1,600
Contact: 033 30258377


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

3. Bang, Ritz Carlton — Bangalore

The highest rooftop bar in Bangalore, this one boasts of a happening nightlife. That means some lip-smacking cocktails and mezze platters to keep you munching and sipping all night. It also is a great place for a party.

Cost For Two: Rs 3,000
Contact: 080 49148000


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

4. Paasha, JW Marriott — Pune

If kebabs are your soul food, and a good ambience makes your evening, Pune peeps, this is where your search ends. This lounge serves delicious North Indian cuisine and is one of the prettiest spots in the city.

Cost For Two: Rs 2,500
Contact: 020 66833333


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

5. Old World’s Charm — New Delhi

White décor with brown furniture and colourful potted plants all around, Old World’s Charm is a treat to the eyes and, since it is in Punjabi Bagh, you know the food has to be kickass. Extra points for the yellow cushions and bright lanterns!

Cost For Two: Rs 1,500
Contact: 011 43474917


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

6. Cafe Out Of The Box — Hyderabad

Cafe Out Of The Box is the perfect hangout spot for those in Hyderabad. Though it has a rooftop section, the inside seating area is just as awesome. A sprawling space with beautiful lighting, disappointment will be shown the door.

Cost For Two: Rs 1,200
Contact: 040 33194138


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

7. Kylin Skybar — Delhi

The capital’s most famous rooftop restaurant, you’ll know why it is as soon as you enter. Private curtained spaces, a lavish bar area, and an alfresco dining experience, it has everything. If you want a second date, this is where you should take him.

Cost For Two: Rs 2,200
Contact: 011 33105604


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

8. High Ultra Lounge — Bangalore

Fancy a sushi platter or prawn dumplings with a scenic view of the city? This restaurant on the top of the World Trade Centre in Bangalore is something straight out of a fairytale.

Cost For Two: Rs 2,600
Contact: 080 45674567


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

9. Hablife — Chennai

It has a pool on the roof. Need I say anything else?

Cost For Two: Rs 2,900
Contact: 044 30853716


Rooftop Restaurants_Hauterfly

10. Euphoria — Mumbai

The recently opened vibrant gastro-lounge in the burbs, Euphoria, is a new place for all of your Saturday night chill sessions or is even perfect to wash away those Monday blues! Basically, any day of the week, it’s worth the visit.

Cost For Two: Rs 1,000
Contact: 022 30151717


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