#FathersDay: 8 Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

#FathersDay: 8 Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

From the time I was a child, my father has been my backbone. In school, when I had a difficult time with my teachers, he would calm me down. In college, when I was succumbing to peer pressure, he sensed it and pulled me up. No matter what, my brother and I can share everything with him. More than my dad, he is my best buddy and will always be my number one man.

From making you laugh to giving you away to your husband, our dads do it all. And although they may be a little weak in showing their love, they’re the ones who care for you the most. I know my dad does! There are so many things that I’ve learnt from him over the years — and there’s so much still left to learn — but a few things have stayed with me. This is what they are:

1. Travel as much as you can

I’ve always been the one among all my friends to say yes to any travel plans. That is because my father believes travelling makes a person independent. He urges me to get away from the city whenever I have the time because he knows what it’s like to get stuck in this hectic work life. It’s been years since he last went on a vacation, but he always encourages me to take time off, whether it is a trip to Kutch or Dubai. And indeed, travel does make you a better human being in general.

2. The Past is the past

I’m the kind of person who carries a lot of guilt and lives with a lot of regret. I recently went through a break-up and naturally cried my eyes out. My father was the one who held me and made me realise that I still have my entire life ahead of me. The past is the past and it should not affect my future.

3. Don’t depend on anyone

While most parents look for suitable grooms for their daughters, my dad wants me to study and work till the time I can stand on my own feet. He has taught me not to be dependent on anybody. I should be incharge of my own happiness and not let others decide what is good for me and what is not. Let others guide you but the ultimate decision is in your hands.

4. Don’t lose your identity

When I entered my teens, I spent all my time trying to impress people. Yet, there was someone or the other who wouldn’t get me. That’s when my superhero would sweep in and tell me that society will always judge you and you cannot please everybody all of the time. This made me realise that I had to live my life the way I wanted, and not the way I thought other people expected me to. My identity is not defined by what others say or think of me.

5. Always wear amazing shoes

My father always says if you want to judge a person look at their shoes. You’ll realise a person’s attention to detail and sense of pride by looking at his or her shoes. Naturally, he’s taught me that my footwear should always be prim and proper. Perks of this lesson? Loads and loads of shoes!

6. Don’t Expect

I have a habit of going out of my way to help others. But I expect the same in return and that turns out to be pretty disappointing. My dad tells me either you don’t do it and if you do, do it selflessly. Expectations create problems and ruin relationships.

7. Trust God

I claim to be spiritual but whenever there are obstacles to face, I complain. For instance, I had applied for a Masters degree at a college in Bangalore and I didn’t get in. I was depressed. My father called me and said whatever happens, happens for a reason. God has a plan and you have to trust him to  create a beautiful life for yourself. He helps me make my beliefs stronger and always guides me on the right path.

8. Food makes everything better

Whatever the situation is, there’s nothing that a Chinese takeaway can’t help with!

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