Facebook And Instagram Went Down. People Had To Be On “Intellectual” Twitter And It Became A Meme Fest!

Facebook And Instagram Went Down. People Had To Be On “Intellectual” Twitter And It Became A Meme Fest!

Like every average millennial, last night after I came home from a long hard day at work, I did what anyone does to relieve their stress and take the edge off – log on to my Insta account to scroll through some cute dog videos and stalk my ex’s current girlfriend, who by the way, recently bought a dress that looks extremely unflattering on her. Except, neither I could see videos or posts being downloaded, and nor could my friends. Turns out, the world had experienced yet another social media outage, where Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp were all faulting making it difficult for some people to upload or send photos and videos. Of course, this meant that all of us were forced to have conversations with people in real life and it was all kinds of awkward.

Like my dad tried to tell me a joke, no doubt one that he picked up from a Whatsapp forward, but it was lost in narration and all of us smiled because he laughed very hard. Mom, on the other hand, looked at me and snarkily commented on how my face looked ‘not bad’ when I looked up and without screen light, to which I made a face. It was not appreciated and I know that because she murmured something under her breath.

And in what was ironical but amusing, Facebook and Instagram issued statements on Twitter, apologising for the inconvenience caused, and said that they were trying to work through it.

Now you’d imagine, in fact, having already experienced the kind of stress it puts us social media addicts in, that this wasn’t an easy time for me. How was I supposed to send my girlfriends the screenshots of all the hilarious and mind-boggling DM chats I had with borderline perverts and make fun of it? Or keep a check on my crush through that insta-story that would just refuse to download? Highly disappointed, and subsequently bored, I decided to sleep it off. But guess, all that frustration of not being in the know for a few wee hours of the night were all made up for, when I woke up to some absolutely rollicking tweets about the outage. Because in a war between Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram, Twitter won, and oh how!


Sadhika Sehgal

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