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10 Resolutions That You Can Actually Keep

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Over the next few days, all of us are going to get bombarded with two questions — “How was your NYE?” and “What is your new year’s resolution?” Even if we haven’t thought of one, in the moment, we come up with something, anything, usually on the lines of getting fit. However done to death that resolution is, literally every one of us want to get healthier with every passing year. But in 2 days, the oats breakfast is replaced by greasy toasts, and the plan to walk back home is taken over by the temptation of taking a cab. And then the guilt sets in and you hate yourself for breaking your resolutions.

So this time over, do things differently and set them as goals. Goals that you have to achieve to up self-confidence and to motivate yourself to do greater things in life. Start small and make your way up. For exactly that, here are 10 resolutions…oops! goals, that you can definitely conquer and yes, losing weight is one of them. But just so you have something more creative to say next time, there are 9 others you can choose from!


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

1. Save A Little Money

Saving money is another favourite resolution and this time, you are going to get it right. Carry a minimum amount of cash, just enough to survive the day, before leaving home and you will realise that you never actually needed those extra wads of cash. Emergency money stays where it is and you obviously have plastic money. Plus, demonetisation has already put you in the groove to achieve this task!


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

2. Drink More Water

Water is basically the answer to everything. Want to shed a few kilos? Drink water. Difficulty clearing up your skin? Finish that bottle. Want to cure that hangover? Chug the water. It’s simple and so effective!


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

3. Try To Talk less

This is rich coming from me, as all I do is blabber all day long, but it is a goal that I am trying to achieve too. The beauty of this resolution is that it allows you to become more aware of your surroundings, gives you a chance to listen to others, and, in turn, learn something too. Think about it, when you talk, you are saying things that you already know, but when you listen, you learn something new. Enlightened?


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

4. Say No To Takeaway

The best way to save money and lose weight is to eat home food. So get in the kitchen and start cooking — start with at least one meal a day. You will feel healthier and cleaner, and your body will thank you for it. Make it a point to limit food from outside as much as possible. If you don’t have time, prep beforehand or hire a cook. You can do this for yourself!


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

5. Bye Bye Social Media!

Before you lash out at me for contradicting my work ethics, hear me out. Just for 2 hours a day, without counting the time you’re asleep, shut off those social media tabs and just disconnect. Just 2 hours of this detox will make you a happier person.


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

6. Read One Book A Month

Begin with books with fewer pages or even ones that have pictures in them — there is no shame in reading anything at all! Fix a time, like when you are travelling to work or before you sleep, to read a few pages, and you’ll immediately feel well-read. Even if you start with finishing just 2 pages a day, it’s huge progress.


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

7. Do One New Thing Every Week

This is fun and so easy to achieve! It can be anything — walk more, start writing notes, learn how to skate, eat fruits, and so on. Choose a task and finish it.


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

8. Compliment Someone Every Day

This resolution will actually make you feel better from within. Even simple things like “hey that lip colour looks great on you” or “those shoes are gorgeous”, or “I love the way you dress” can make someone’s day. It is that simple.


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

9. Keep A Tab Of The Happy Things

If your resolution is to be a happier person, however vague that may be, start noting down anything pleasant that happens to you — no matter how insignificant it may seem. Write it down in a cool diary or fill up a jar with chits, either way, you will see the change. Even if it is a good hair day, put it down and, when you feel low, open this treasure and read away. A smile will curve your lips, the best kind of curve of all.


Attainable Resolutions For 2017_Hauterfly

10. 2017 Will Be Better

If you decide that this will be your year, and repeat this sentence over and over again, it will happen. Whatever the world throws at you, don’t give up, and remind yourself that 2017 will be kickass. Make tiny changes, ignore the negative people, and start every new day with a renewed, positive attitude. Trust me, when you stop bothering about the meaningless things, your goals can be met easily!


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