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Desi Instagrammers Fell For A Prank And Are Stuck With Names Such As Chicken Chilli, Pani Puri And More. This Is Why We Have Trust Issues.

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This Sunday, my best friend sent me a legit-looking text, in which she wanted me to complete a task and send her the screenshot. She said she is doing something fun. Little did I know that it would be fun for her, and not me. If you’re reading this, Alisha I hope the next time you have your Napoli pizza, it is infested with lauki. So she asked me to change my name on Instagram to my fav food and do it twice. We actually had a discussion on what it should be – the options being Maa ke haath ka paratha and a bowl of cereal. Okay, yeah I have weird choices. But these are incredibly comforting, unlike the prank I succumbed too. Finally, I decided to put up a bowl of cereal (and thank God!). When I tried to get back to being Akanksha Narang, Instagram told me I can’t for the next 14 days. So now, I am a bowl of cereal and my best friend is Napoli Pizza.

The text that made people fall prey to this reads: “So I’m making a video and I want you to be in it. Please set your name (name not user name) on Insta as your favourite dish in lower caps for example ‘pani puri’ then change it to ‘PANI PURI’ in upper caps and take ss and send it to me. Send a ss of both upper case and lower case.
I am not going to post it or something so don’t worry. It’s going to be damn hilarious so please do it. I’m working on something…you’ll definitely love it. Don’t forget to send me screenshots…For both lowercase and uppercase” This is the trick! Instagram lets you change your name only twice in 14 days, so once you exhaust that quota, you’re stuck with the latest one.

So I was tempted to carry the legacy forward but I thought this is literally too evil. I couldn’t. Plus, if they don’t fall for it, I will feel worse. The fuckbois who played me must be out there, looking at my Instagram name and telling themselves, “She is too trusting for her own good.” This is why people have trust issues.

And as a day or two went by, I stumbled upon other victims in my list and memes that sympathise with us. Okay, those aren’t many. We are just being made fun of by people who were too smart to fall for this crap. I bet these are the ones who are binge-watching Saavdhaan India rn.

From Kadhai Paneer to Chicken Chilli, desi Instagrammers are stuck with weird names for two weeks. At least, that’s their fav food. My bestie has been trolling me left, right and centre. Each time she gets a notification, she takes a screenshot and sends me, because she gets too amused that “a bowl of cereal” mentioned her in a story or commented on her pic.

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Meanwhile, here we are – once burnt, twice shy, and full of wrath! Check out these memes and feel the pain of those who fell for it.

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