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5 Décor Hacks Every 20-Something Needs To Know

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Being a 20-year-old is hard. And if you live by yourself, trying to make it big in this big, bad world, it can be even worse. I’m one of those who has always lived with her parents, so understanding homely issues is a little difficult for me, but many of my close friends stay by themselves in Mumbai, the city of dreams, and I have to constantly listen to their rants.

There isn’t a day that goes by without listening to their woes. Not exaggerating. Really.

So, here are a few décor hacks that will make your (and my) life easier. They are inexpensive, will make your little space look pretty, and pretty soon, doing up your home will become your new fave hobby!


Decor Hacks For The 20 Something_Hauterfly


This article has been issued in public interest to take your mind off the looming rent cheque, and other issues like no water or electricity cuts. Also, payday is almost here, so that’s a cherry on the cake, no?

1. Sharpie Is Bae

Use a permanent marker, in different colours, to draw on your light bulbs to create a shadowy effect when turned on. It will take you seconds but will transform your space.

2. Paint The Sides

Add a little drama to your room by simply painting the side of your door, drawers, chair, or anything that has a side really. You’ll see how this easy-to-do pop of colour will drastically brighten up your space.

3. Come Out Of The Closet

Instead of hiding your belts, hats, and scarves inside the cupboard, hammer a nail on the wall and hang them up. This way, they will double up as wall accents and you will get to show off your stuff too!

4. DIY Shoe Rack

If you don’t have enough storage space, don’t worry! Use ’em walls. The corner wall in your room that has been left like an abandoned child? Put your shoe boxes there, one stacked on top of the other. Paint them in pretty pastel colours and voilà! you have a rack ready!

Or you can just put a lightweight curtain in front to cover it up. Easy-peasy!

5. Half Painted Walls

When you do get around to re-painting your room, paint only half the wall or use dual colours. One reason for this is that it gives you the effect of having higher ceilings, which, in turn, makes your space look bigger. Another reason is that it will allow you to experiment a little…live on the edge

Just like in life, every 20-something should take décor risks too, and keep changing things up every once in a while. So please make the most of this independence and make your space look fab. Then call me over for some tea. 🙂


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