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6 Things You Will Find In Every Stylista’s Home

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So many of us ogle at the gorgeous mansions shown in movies or ones featured in interior design magazines, and daydream of staying in a luxurious house. I know I do! While I am happy with my cozy cute home, there are days when I would love to live like a princess in one of these lavish homes. The journey to that road is a little longer than I would expect, but there is no harm in giving my present living space a touch of luxury.

Scroll down to find a curated list of decor items you are sure to find in every stylish person’s home. Click shop for any of them and instantly up your home’s oomph factor!


1. Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers in the living room, under which all the family drama unfolds, are a must in every high-end home. You can go for an OTT one or something simple yet elegant like this one to add a touch of glam.


2. Exotic Home Plants

Every home should have plants — they make your space look so lively and fresh, no? If you don’t have enough space, go for shelf plants like the one above, that will look pretty, whether in your kitchen or on your side table.


3. Hand Carved Rugs

Anything handmade gets our vote, and this holds true for rugs too. Carpets with antique designs, unique prints, or something modern yet stylish, like this one, are sure to find place in any mansion you visit. Make sure you don’t drop anything on them though, the hosts will go berserk!


4. Showpieces

Whenever you enter a home scattered with sculptures and showpieces that cost a fortune, you know you are in a stylista’s house. And there has to be one that has some connection to spirituality, whether it’s a beautiful one of Buddha or that of Ganesh ji.


5. Bookshelf

Even if they don’t read, you will find a bookshelf or a coffee table full of books in such homes, for sure. Wood is always the classy way to go — just look!


6. Photo Frames

A wall full of photos is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is intensely personal as well. On display are happy moments, forced photo shoots, and generations of a family that tell stories. What is also important to note are the frames. The frames should complement and enhance the photo, and become a conversation starter of sorts — how else will you bring up the tiny vintage store you picked it up from in Italy?


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