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11 Decor Items To Perk Your Your Dorm Room

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Staying away from home is not easy—you have to do your own chores, study, work on assignments, and on top of that, you miss your family. So, the least you could ask for is a place you can call home.

Personalise your dorm room, so that it looks and feels a bit like home. That way, when you come back after a long and hard day at college, you find the comfort you need. After all, this room is going to be your home for the next few months or years, so might as well jazz it up a bit.

Whether you are staying in hostel accommodation, a flat or as a paying guest, these items will not only instantly perk up your room, but your mood as well.

Dorm Room Decor 2

Type7 Hustle Hard Stay Humble Art Frame (Rs 550)

Dorm Room Decor 8

CurioCity Decorative Filigree String Lights (Rs 999)

Dorm Room Decor 11

Multicoloured Big Bang Table Lamp (Rs 1,500)

Dorm Room Decor 1

Vajor Faux Cactus (Rs 399)

Dorm Room Decor 6

Bohemian Neighbourhood Wall Clock (Rs 1,495)

Dorm Room Decor 5

Tangerine Printed Cushion Covers (Rs 599)

Dorm Room Decor 3

Multicolour Glass Tea Light Holder (Rs 1,429)

Dorm Room Decor 10

Mixed Tape Wooden Storage Box (Rs 800)

Dorm Room Decor 4

S9home by Seasons Multicoloured Rocket Bath Rug (Rs 479)

Dorm Room Decor 7

ExclusiveLane Hand-Engraved Owl Book Ends (Rs 1,606)

Dorm Room Decor 9

Vajor Embroidered Elephant Wall Art (Rs 1,599)


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