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Sonakshi Sinha’s Khandaani Shafakhana Has A Leading Lady Talk About Sex Education. It’s Worth A Watch

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Bollywood’s latest trend seems to be focusing on discussing taboo topics in a light-hearted and humorous way. While this approach has certainly reaped a lot of results, it is also makes for a great viewing experience. Movies like Badhaai Ho and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan have proved with their success that the Indian audience is starved for real stories concerning deeply personal issues. We are glad to witness this shift in the viewer’s preference, the country is curious and our filmmakers are there to provide!

Helmed by first-time director Shilpi Dasgupta and impeccably acted by a very entertaining Sonakshi Sinha, the film is as brave as it’s female voice and vision.

The Taboo

Khandaani Shafakhana tells the story a hardworking young woman from Hoshiarpur, Punjab. A twist of fate leads to Sonakshi’s Baby Bedi (great name!) managing her late uncle’s sex clinic. Specialising in Unani medicine, the story deals with the prejudices against Baby and her role as a “sex doctor” in a conservative society. While this premise is super refreshing for Bollywood, it’s also written in a highly entertaining way. Full of suggestive dialogue, imagery and tropes, this one is a fun ride. The humour never dims down the message if the story, it only makes it more effective. There is indeed nothing funny about Badshah’s character’s erectile dysfunction, but if the character can laugh at it, so can we!

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The Strong Lead

While the film’s long run time can sometimes feel dragging, it is Sonakshi Sinha’s perfect performance as a feisty Punjabi kudi that remedies it. The actress is a firecracker in the role, fiery when need be, soft when she has to. The supporting cast consisting of hilarious talent like Varun Sharma, Annu Kapoor and a very adorable Priyanshu Jora make up for the supportive men in Baby’s life. It is indeed a plus to show men and women as allies in a film, especially when they are such a hoot. A special mention goes out to rapper Badshah, who plays an exaggerated version of himself in the film. So funny!

The Family

A big aspect of the film that impressed me on a personal level was how well the movie deals with presenting the idea of sex education to families sitting together. I saw teenagers LOL at the scenes with their mothers, daughters enjoying the film with their dads. The film aims at starting a conversations about safe sex practices in a culture where it is such a scandalous topic. Props to the film for at least trying to do that!

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Don’t forget to catch a show of the film while it’s in theatres!


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