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7 Organising Hacks Every Working Girl Needs To Adopt!

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2016 is almost coming to an end and with each year that goes by, work pressure keeps increasing. Sometimes, its hard to cope with the stress this pressure brings with it. One thing that every girl who works a daily job will agree with is that the skill they are most tested on is time management. If you master this skill, no one can stop you from being the #girlboss that you are. To help you with that, here are a few simple hacks and tips that will help you get a little more organised at work, which will, in turn, make you more productive.

1. To Do Lists

Everyone knows this but hardly anyone applies it. Trust me, following this tip can make major changes in your schedule. Write down your daily tasks and keep ticking them off as you complete them. The satisfaction you feel seeing those ticks is unparalleled! If you want to feel more motivated, add stupid tasks like drink coffee and read a useless post online. You can also use post-its or stick little notes here and there that will remind you of any unfinished work.

2. Tidy Your Desk

A clutter-free work space leads to fresh, innovative ideas. If your desk is messy, you tend to get distracted by the smallest things. PS: my colleague is proof of that! You can make it fun by adding some cute decor items and personalising your work station.

3. Keep A Calendar

You can use the calendar option on your phone or go old-school, like me, and keep a calendar on your desk. Mark your important meetings and dates that will help you prioritise work beforehand. Keep it at such an angle that you will be forced to look at it every now and then.

4. Take Breaks

Working continuously can saturate your mind, and you tend to feel tired when there is still a pile of work left. Go for a walk, chat with your co-workers, have some chocolate — basically reboot your systems every now and then. This little trick will help your creativity and boost your energy when you’re back at your desk. That does not mean you spend more time chilling then actually working. Next thing I know, I am getting hate mails from your bosses!

5. Drink Up

Before you get excited, I mean drink water! Staying hydrated is important to function productively. Set an alarm that reminds you to drink water every 30 minutes. Turn it into a game with your colleagues to see who can finish the most water in a day. Even though this means frequent trips to the washroom, who cares, right?

6. Me Time

Every day, book some time for yourself. Just spend some time alone and try to figure out what went wrong or right during the day. This will help you avoid committing the same mistakes in the future. Plus, be kind to yourself — self-motivation can be your key to success!

7. Positive Surroundings

Sit around people who motivate you to do your best. Put up a desktop wallpaper that oozes happiness. Paste quotes around you that help you focus. These little things can help you in the most subtle ways in the long run. Any form of negativity can crumple a bright future within minutes, so do anything you can to stay happy.


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